Robot Skill Store

Easily make a robot by adding these robot skills to the ARC software. Skills are behaviors for robots. Industry experts have created and published these robot skills to use in ARC robot programs.

You may also create a robot skill or learn how to add them to a robot.

Advanced Speech Recognition v40

Advanced Speech Recognition
By Microsoft
This is an alternative to the Bing Speech Recognition module for ARC. This skill is a paid service from Microsoft.

Audiotoolbox Plugin v15

Audiotoolbox Plugin
By ptp
Allows ARC to use UWP speech voices, change default audio devices, capture sound and route to an EZB.

Bing Speech Recognition

Bing Speech Recognition
By Microsoft
This is a speech recognition skill for ARC that uses the Bing Speech Recognition cloud service. It is one of the most accurate speech recognition services...

Bing Text To Speech v3

Bing Text To Speech
By Gilvan Gomes
Use the Microsoft Bing Text to Speech cloud service. Allows to add break, change speaking rate, volume and pitch.

Frequency Detector v6

Frequency Detector
By Synthiam
Have servos respond to audio frequencies detected by the PC Microphone

Google Speech Recognition v10

Google Speech Recognition
By Google
Use the online Google Speech Recognition Service (test beta)


By Synthiam
This skill will record audio from your default audio input device and allow you to play it back through the EZ-B v4 speaker. The Settings menu for this skill...

Midi Control v14

Midi Control
By Synthiam
Connect a MIDI musical instrument or your soundcard to your robot.

MP3 Trigger

MP3 Trigger
By SparkFun Electronics
The MP3 Trigger is a shield that connects to the EZ-B via a serial port. The MP3 Trigger takes a mini SD card with MP3's loaded on. The mp3's can be triggered...

Output Audio From EZ-B v11

Output Audio From EZ-B
By Synthiam
Example with source code of how to play audio out of the EZ-B when making a plugin in C#

Sound Movement

Sound Movement
By Synthiam
The Sound movement skill is for embedded devices on your robot that have two integrated microphones for the left and right channels. This skill will allow your...

Sound Script (Ezb) v3

Sound Script (Ezb)
By Synthiam Inc.
Execute a script when sound is played out of the EZB speaker