Create Auto Position Actions from EZ-Script


This tutorial uses the ControlCommand() EZ-Script command that instructs the Auto Position control to create a frame and respective action from the current servo positions. Every time the ControlCommand() is executed, another frame is added to the specified action with the current servo positions.

The result is that you end up creating an animation. This can be done using external controllers, such as the WiiMote, Joystick or even touch screen controls.

Step 1

This video explains the step by step example of how to use the following controlcommands for the Auto Position.


ControlCommand("Auto Position", AddFrameToAction, "Action Name")
ControlCommand("Auto Position", AddFrameToAction, [delay], [steps], [speed], "Action Name")
ControlCommand("Auto Position", AddPauseToAction, [delay in ms], "Action Name")
ControlCommand("Auto Position", DeleteActionAndAssociatedFrames, "Action Name")

DJ Sures--

I am brand new to ez-robot and EZ-Builder and I saw this. I am familiar with the inmoov project and have decided to build it using ez-robots servos and equipment. I have so far 3D printed the head  and neck. I noticed that yours has a tab in the chest plate which I like. Is there any inmoov related programming with ezbuilder on synthiam or can you direct me? Thanks in advance for any help.
Good morn, hope all is well,

I know this video is over a year old, but still cool.


which wee remote?

which cardboard headset?

step 2 ?   lol
Good Morning @EZang60

Any Wii Remote that doesn't have the motion plus built-in should do the trick. The first gen. Wii Remotes (Nintendo or knock-off) were able to natively connect to Windows via bluetooth. I believe the other versions needed the Widcomm drivers installed.

Any headset will do, it's just a mechanical rig to hold a phone (turned into a VR Display). Check out the VR plug-in here:

The instructions there will get you started with a VR display (including iOS and android devices).

Step 2. Load up EZ-builder, install the VR plug-in, and start controlling robots!
I thought DJ was using an iPhone as the VR viewer but I don't remember how he was doing it. Maybe he can jump in here and let us know.
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ok maybe he can tell us

can you use any other remote?