Release 2013.02.09.00

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This is a minor-release that contains a few fixes and updates... However, nothing too spectacular:) It is a recommended update because of the fixes. Enjoy!


- Firmware Updater resolves issues updating from old firmware to latest

- New EZ-Script command: GetPWM()

- ScriptManager has editable window name

- When editing scripts, Cheat Sheet now displays all Script Manager options

- HBridge Movement Panel highlights current direction

- Some controls had text being cut off from the icon in the number drag selector (ie AutoPosition and Virtual Robot) now fixed

- ScriptFlow has refresh button

- ScriptFlow saves with project

- ScriptManager has better management for moving UP/DOWN scripts
PS, anyone who updates tonight (on a Saturday night) must be just as big of a robo nerd as me!:D

We're awesome
I'm gonna do it during commercials watching "The Walking Dead".
That would be! ROBONERDO
Your Saturday nights are my Sunday mornings. Yes working then too. :}

UPDATE: This fixed my update firmware problem!:D
Excellent! The true RoboNerds have been identified!
United Kingdom
I saw this post and was checking my EzB delivery status at the same time... Do I count as a pre-nerd?:D
the last update i got was awsome the new servo panel i can see position and speeds ,if i missed some now i know were there at and make changes , ty to DJ
Man, I can't believe how fast you got those changes in! Impressive.
Damm, I decided to take my wife to the movies last night to finally see The Hobbit. I missed the Saturday night update and now I cant claim to be a RoboNerd anymore! :( That's the last time I'm taking her out on a Saturday night. *eek*
New Zealand
Not fair...

I was asleep while your part of the world was awake.... lol


Okay okay... I've never seen so many people want to be nerds before! I guess it's different when it's RoboNerd!:)

LOL im an EZ Robot Nurd LOL
I love it

I spent the night ripping parts out of old "toys" for future robots
Im a nurd and i love it lol
Hello, does the new upgrade enable me to specify multiple colors that I'd like to have tracked? I'm interested in detecting green, yellow, and red to control my robot.
Hi! This is a minor-release. On the first post of this thread will be the list of changes for the release. There is a major release coming next which includes those features in the ARC. Currently, you would have to use the EZ-SDK.

I suspect we will be doing a major release sometime in the next week. Major releases are dependent on testing and delayed on bug fixes.