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Howdy, EzDudes 'n Dudettes... So, I've been looking in to getting some VEX robotics stuff - specifically the hardware as opposed to the electronics, due mainly to their proprietary shafting (LoL). So, in short, has anyone had any experience with VEX stuff? Cheers M'dears! - Bill.

Question About Digital Port Limits Re Leds.

Howdy, EZers! So, I'm putting together an IR emitter for one of my projects, and I think I've got it all within safe limits, but I wanted to run it past y'all just incase... The circuit is as follows... +5v ---- |>|---|>|---|>|----/\/\/---GND D0 ------L1----L2-----L3-----R1----GND Where: L1,L2,L3 are IR Leds, with a 1.2v forward voltage, 20ma...
Wireless Camera / Bluetooth

Wireless Camera / Bluetooth

I've been trying to use the EZRobot wireless camera but whenever it is turned on, I lose bluetooth connection at a really low range (1-2m). With the camera off, the...
H-Bridge / Sabertooth Etc

H-Bridge / Sabertooth Etc

I tried searching, but I can't find the answer, so here goes... I understand that the EzB doesn't provide enough oomph (Technical terms!) to drive a motor. However, what...

Standard Servo Attachments Vs Modified Servo

Howdy, EzBers! So, is there any reason why the supplied servo attachments (horns etc) don't fit on the Modified servos? I'd hoped to attach a larger wheel to one of the circular servo attachments (Glue, probably), then mount that to a modified servo, but to my surprise, they don't fit. Is there a specific reason why? As a result of this difference,...

Ez-Bluetooth Dongle.

Howdy! So, my Ez-package-of-so-cool-I-tore-it-open-with-my-teeth turned up today... I got straight down to it, set up the battery pack, got it all batteried up, then set about getting the Bluetooth adapter (available from the store) plugged in. Well, it pops up as a Device not Recognized. Then it says the Device failed. I've tried the dongle on...

Another 'Power' Thread.

Hi, EzBers! So, my first thread is going to be one of the ones I imagine every asks about. I think I'm happy with the answers I found via the forums, but I'm not exactly a boffin in these areas. Give me java, sql or even pascal and I'm happy as a kitten in my wifes b... Erm. Anywho... So, I'm looking at one of my early additional purchases being a...
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