I Shall Call Him Norm

DJ Sures



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It's neat because I use the Auto Position Control for moving his Continuous Rotation Servos


iff you can make this you can do the moonwalk to hehe:D


Sorry DJ, I don't think there's anything "norm" about that fantastic creation! It's more of an "oddbit". A good example of what can be created with Revolution robot bits and pieces. Maybe a future competition?! Amazing how the single servo with two white dots for eyes makes simple but effective head.


Looks like something from Sid's bedroom. You know, the kid next door in the Disney movie Toy Story.:D


@DJ... could you put 360 servos on all 4 legs?... Norn could roll or walk depending on the type of obstacles in front of him...

United Kingdom

I just love it. Just goes to show what you can do with a few servos, a couple of wheels, and a bit of lateral thinking. I had to watch the video a few times to watch the way Norm moves. Pretty cool DJ.:D


Richard that's a good idea! He'll be a roller skating robot of sort.




Richard that's a good idea!
... well I was due, ya' know...:D


I wonder how it would work with Omni wheels. Would roll great, but may not be able to do the walking action.