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Latest submissions

I/O Ports Not Responding To The ARC UI Servo Control

I/O Ports Not Responding To The ARC UI Servo Control

I have an ezb v4 that has been on the shelf for several years. (worked when last used). I was on the shelf too so we...

Ssd1306 (I2c)

Any chance of adding a control for the OLED 128X64 display? I can make it work with the Arduino running Adafruits sketch. But Im lost with the EZb script.

I2c Connector Information

Does anyone have a source for the i2c connector/cable in the states? I cant seem to find it at the re-sellers listed at the ezrobot shop. Or a connector name eg. JST-PH?

Oled Displays

Has anyone played with the small (.96) Oled displays Adafruit sells? I like the look of them and would like to use a couple of them for eyes much like the 8x8 leds have been used for. Looks like they will work on the i2c ports?

Power Question

Is there any reason why I cant/shouldnt use a 12 volt battery with a DC to DC converter set to an output of 7.4 volts? Physical size inside my bot isnt a problem. A gel cell is common/cheap and has lots of amp/hrs.

Drive Configurations Pros And Cons

Hi everybody...long time reader, first time poster. Im jumping into the bot world with a re-build of an old HeathKit Hero Jr. He has one drive wheel steered by a stepper motor. At the very least a servo would work better than the stepper. It looks like all the projects you all are doing have the skid-steer type drives (like Wall-e) So should I...
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