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Progress on the lower and mid stomach!

Just getting the neo pixel ring running, hopefully will be installing soon!
Not sure if I can shove an Aduino UNO in there, or if I am going to have to get a nano because of space.

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Here are some photos of my inmoov robot I started working on Dec 2019

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@Tonzatonka  As a fellow inmoov builder let me be the first to congratulate you on a excellent inmoov build, well done.
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Tonzatonka - excellent work.

have you seem some of my robots? under robots -  just head, , eyes, mouth, jaw (synching voice) movements?

Yes, nice build.
In 3 months you got a lot accomplished!
Carry on.
Great job - also coming from an inmoov builder.
I like the combination of the head pieces. I did the same. If you look for my thread on here you will find quite a bit of info as well. I converted over from MRL to Synthiam. I also created some graphics for the AutoPosition window that may be of use to you.

Hey Perrry - we're gonna start using our InMoov (made by Richard R) for demoing exosphere with ARC. Any tips on how you guys get the fingers to open and close better? I seem to struggle with getting them to do anything actually useful. Perhaps my design is outdated on this robot?
I have a Way DJ I will try to do the demo ASAP.
Thanks everyone!

Hey Perry, I have to admit that when I was choosing between MRL and Synthiam,
I watched your videos which helped me to decide Synthiam was more than able to run this bot.

Thanks for sharing!
Hey Perry, is it difficult to control neopixel rings with ezb4?
great stuff, thanks for sharing

It's always great to see another InMoov here. Check this tutorial out for getting a neopixel ring running with an EZBv4.
Saw a couple of questions for me.
@DJ - Hands were always tough point for my inmoov. So fiddle and I think that the basic design is not there. Even Gael's bots seem to have messed up hands. I could get mine to work fine then once I rotated the wrist a couple of times slack would always occur in the tendons. I ended up having one normal hand and one with Flexible joints that Bob Houston designed. They both worked about the same. The rotating wrist really messes things up. Nallycat may have something here.

@TonzaTonka - The neopixel took some work but the community here squared it away and helped me get it working. It is pretty seamless now. Look for the tutorial on this site for it. Might be in my thread as well.
Hi Tonzatonka - what 3d printer do you use?
Hi EzAng, I use a Folgertech FT-5. What are you using?
Don't have one yet, deciding what to purchase
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Nice thing about the FT-5 is the build area and price. 300x300x400mm for $499.
It comes as a kit so there is assembly, but that was part of the fun for me.

Good luck with choosing a machine!
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Thanks for your feedback, I will look into it,

by the way, how did you create the eyes, look up, down?

O this forum, I created just a head (Roman)  mouth moves, timed with words coming out of his mouth, with eyes that move just left and right, neck moves also

I would like to learn how to also move them up and down

I came out of nowhere, just one year later, can't get enough, lol

all the best to you

PS.  your pictures make it look like you are in the country, I also have some, we call, a farm, some country land...

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@EzAng   for printable eyes that move in all directions go to the website and download the free .stl files for inmoov's eyes there are also lots of printable eye mechanisms on web site.
thanks nallycat