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This is the new thread to the Creeper build. A 5ft Minecraft Creeper robot counterpart, made by non-other than me Techno. Minecraft is a hot topic these days and so I thought id combine the worlds best 2 things:

Search stats of "Minecraft Creeper":

[url=]Creeper search stats]Creeper stats

After researching the topic I found I'm making the third creeper robot in the world. The first one I found was a monster 2-metre tall robot that ran automatously. The second one was a 1-2ft tall creeper made as a high school project, same concept.

Now mine. In between the sizes of both current creepers. Currently 18" wide, 3'7" tall(no head)

User-inserted image

My materials:
1 empty de-odorant thing
1 flashing light board
4 boxes(9" x 9" by 8.5" )-use in making skirt
3 boxes(10" x 12" x 3" )-dunno
1 box(3' 8" x 12" x 12" )-Body
Too many LEDs

User-inserted image

What I need:
motor controller(bought)-$15
Camera(bought)-Free with points
12v dc motor
one sided sticker sheets(45 sheets)-$30
Decals printed
green spray paint-$5-25

Hope to have this project finished soon! Approx. Date of finish: January 31, 2014.

Comments Welcome!

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I thought about that. I'll just dress up as Steve. My Qr tracking shirt will be toirquois and I'll make a helmet.
Painting to be done by Jan. 6th as I'm on holidays until then. Will update when painted!:D
I really like your thought process. Seems like you got a good plan. Cant wait to see it creeping around.

Just a thought; You may want to make sure you have some insulation between boards and electrical parts that heat up and the cardboard of your robot. You don't want to start a fire!
Going to paint on details tomorrow. Still trying to figure out how to make glowing face.
Didn't get to paint today. Going to tomorrow. Green turned out brighter than I wanted but Ill fix it.
Got the idea of adding some sort of vacuum and or brush combo to the creeper. (A creeper who cleans up after himself, lol) Any ideas on how I could do this? My idea is either 2 brushes that sweep everything into the centre of the robot which makes it easier for clean up or a tray that picks everything up. Idea's?
Maybe look at how to adopt what robotic floor cleaners have. Get a cheap Roomba and take it apart for ideas.
You could incorporate a something like the powerless roller style floor cleaners. Like a Bisil Sweeper or something. The roller brushes basically just brush stuff up into itself. You'd still have to empty it somehow. Maybe line the inside of the base with a garbage bag that all the dirt will get swept up into?

Just looking at that big box base that's the first thing that comes to mind.
Here's a really good car vac that I used to have in my car that only runs off of 12v and can suck up even keys (happened once to me :D) Maybe just make some sort of brush that goes on the floor, powered by this? It's also small and can hold quite a bit of debris.

The BLACK Collection Car Vac
Update! Got it painted! All I have to do is put the face on and order motors and a servo!
User-inserted image

Still looking for ideas on the light up face!
Cupcake, thanks for the link! I'll keep note of that. Is it loud?
It's not too loud, but not as quiet as a roomba. (think of a small handheld vacuum) Then again, you get a ton of suction power (as said before it could lift my key) so it should be able to pick up tons of stuff. Maybe soundproof the body if that isn't too expensive?
Update that never happened:
(update 3)

So I never got to posting Update 3. Basically where the creepers' at is the paint is finally finished, AKA face is finished. motors and wiring are ready and mounted. 2 or more weeks and ill have the ez-b v4 to get wired in!

User-inserted image

User-inserted image

User-inserted image

Will update when I get my v4!
Hey Tech, I recommend some type of ball bearing caster. They have a smooth true 360 range as opposed to the traditional 180/180 up down/left right that standard casters have. After a few times changing directions, you'll be glad you used them.