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Chinese Farmer Invents Robo Crab

Short version (includes his four-legged dog shaped vehicle at the end}: 5 Minute version:

Object Training With V4 Camera

Once a new object is named and trained, it appears in the Trained Object box. I have found that you cant delete any trained objects, ie they cant be individually selected and deleted. The only way is to delete the Camera console from the project, thus removing all trained objects. Am I missing something or is this the correct procedure? It seems to...
Cat Wearing A Shark Costume Cleans The Kitchen On A Roomba

Cat Wearing A Shark Costume Cleans The Kitchen On A Roomba

Not my video and not entirely relevant to this forum except for Roomba fans and we are into scary...

Robots Are Coming, Like It Or Not.

Thats what Intel CEO Brian Krzanich said about the inevitability of robotic technology. Intel plans to launch a 3-D printable robot kit by the end of the year. The consumer version will start around $1,600 plus PIY (print it yourself) body. The robot will be open source. Not much detail about the hardware for the consumer version except that it...

Items Not Yet Listed In The Shop

At the risk of repetition Id like to initiate my first thread to raise items that are not yet listed for sale in the Shop but already available on full robots and some body parts. Id also like to mention some items in my wishlist. This could serve as a checklist for those managing the Store. - JDs eyes (as already discussed in other posts) - Power...
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