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I like to think of Data as my version of a poor man's inmoov.  I've always been inspired by Data from StarTrek The Next Generation, so this robot is an experimental attempt to explore creation an android/robot similar to Data.  

Data is constructed with a EZ-Robot JD body, a 3D printed head in the form factor of JD's head but with my face on it from a 3D scan, which is also taken as inspiration from Star Trek's Data because Data has the face of his creator as well.  The neck is a full size EZ-Servo.  The arms are build from EZ-Bits and HDD EZ-Servos.  Data has a stationary experimenters base so he can sit on a desk.  Data also has a mobile 4 wheel drive base.  

The factory installed battery in JD's back has been removed and I have installed a battery harness to extend power wires outside the chassis so I can plug in larger capacity batteries at any time.  This is makes it easier for me to experiment and not wait on batteries to recharge.  User-inserted image

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Since I started Data a while ago, his body has mostly been sitting on a shelf.  But now I have some new thoughts on using his chassis and changing out the parts on the fly so I can have both a "Data" and a "Terminator" robot depending on my mood and what I want to experiment with.   

2 robots in one....would that make him a "Transformer" as well? :p   

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Lol, TermiData, that's great!
nice did you made the 3d print off yourself,if i may ask?
Thanks Nomad.  I used a 3d scanner, the XYZ handheld brand.  Then I used Tinkercad to manipulate the .stl and integrate in the JD head form.  Then printed on my davinci printer.
I always wondered how people did this.thanks for the info.
i use tinkercad alot.
I've made a few updates to "TermiData".  I'm getting excited about this build.  I know how much fun RoboRad was having with his build now!  I can't wait to load some sound files and have this thing moving around.  I'm also really looking forward to experimenting with robot ethics with this guy. 

An "ethical terminator"...which is Jeremie's doing (for the ethical part) from the Artificial Conscience discussion that has inspired my deeper dive into robot ethics and laws and compliance. Which is something I was studying before, but now I want to test ideas. 

That is cool that you have the servo movements for the Terminator skull, I really can't get that on mine because the chrome process seems to have welded the neck bones to the head very tight, I am sure I could crack it apart but the chrome is fairly thin and could make unwanted stress cracks in the rest of the skull.Good job though!
Looking good,very cool, My T-800 does approve your progress!