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I have no clue yet to as what to name my bots, but I do know someone should probably ban me from EBay! I will end up with 3 total when it's all said and done.

Okay so what I want to do with at least two of the bots is to add a Mini ITX setup, one I already have which runs windows 8, 8gb ram, and a 120gb ssd. I figured that the 3rd omnibot 2000 I can use for parts or whatever..

For powering the onboard pc's I figured that using a pair of 12vdc 7 amp batteries should be enough to run the pc for at least a couple hours? There will be another battery to run the EZ-B as well as other electronics. IS there enough room in the base for the batteries?

I would love to get some input on this project, as I mentioned in another post I also have a CNC Mill which I have recently started using again, and even though I am not that good with it(It's been a long time), I would think I can fabricate some parts if need be. I usually use either 1/8" or 1/4" think pvc plastic for milling.

Today I received my first Omnibot 2000, one of it's arms is broken and the first thing that happened is that it smelled so bad that it was taken completely apart and is currently in the dishwasher. I think it was living at a kennel with a bunch of dogs for the past few years, loaded with hair and all sorts of interesting things. I had to change after it was that bad.

A couple the things I want to do:
1) Get rid of the gears and motors in the arms and replace them with decent servos, maybe something like the Power HD 1501MGs?
2) Motor controller for each robot is going to be L298 based.
3) Single Microsoft USB Lifecam HD camera on each robot - I found that the tracking on these is fantastic compared to the one that comes in the EZ kit, especially where lighting is an issue.
4) servo Pan/Tilt for the head, maybe using Lynxmotion servo brackets?

There's a bunch of stuff I am still working on but most of the items I mentioned above I already have on hand.

Here's a couple of pics of the 2000 I got today:

User-inserted image

User-inserted image

User-inserted image

User-inserted image

User-inserted image

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Yes thats the one you can use,i have some of them in my lynxmotion johnny five project
JOSH omnibot project uses it.

Small problem it does use a lot of power,in my setup it uses a lot less current and i think the cost it less too.,dont have to use a high torque motor,there are few others at lower torque.

Second stays stead up or down with the power turn off,on SPG400a or others you cant do that
Hi there Omnibot aficionados, wow a whole world has just opened up to me reading your threads. You all seem so amped and focused on these little fellas its kind of contagious. I have recently inherited one of these and was fishing around for some info and this is my first port of call. I have just read the instruction manual and am about to have a go at re charging the battery to see if it fires up. Has any one got ant sage advice or tips and tricks at this stage. It was dusty and I cleaned it with a damp cloth and gave it a visual inspection. Everything looks in really good order as its been sitting in a box in a garage for about 25 years. The only thing missing is the microphone, Everything else in tact.
Alright, I was going to get one of the shoulders started yesterday, unfortunately my 8 year old dremel decided it wasn't going to happen and let out a little smoke and that was it, so I had to order one for today.

As much as I keep trying to keep this close to stock looking, I was looking at servoblocks from servocity, you could make a pretty decent arm(they can attach to the spg400a's), has anyone used these?

After I get the shoulder done, the next thing to figure out is the elbow, i've seen a few different ideas, I was thinking of mounting a servo inside the elbow, but I don't think it would be strong enough....
Got my new dremel setup in, damn they include all sorts of stuff now, also got some additional accys for it to make cutting a little easier. I've been trying to decide how to mount the Servocity SPG400A for one of the shoulders(even looked at Josh's idea), but I would rather mount them inside the body, which creates other issues, that and the fact I really don't want to cut this thing up. Anyone have some ideas?

If I could mount it inside the body, using standoffs and drilling out a couple mounts on the spg400a, it might work........
I think standoffs are the way to go. I tried several mods to my omnibot, but on my most recent rebuild I used stand offs and it is soooo much better. Is that a new battery you have in it, or is it the original? I would suggest a new battery, you can get one for about 10 bucks on line. Keep up the good modding. Can't wait to see pics.
Actually i'm not using the original battery with this one, I had to go with a pair of 12vdc 7 amp batteries since it's running a mini itx motherboard. The alumn standoffs should be plenty strong for mounting this to the body, just have to work out some details...
Standoff are great i use and have almost any size made,but becarefull you need to reinforce them depending on the max weight of the arm and what you want him to carry

I use a small aluminium plate and some like to use fiberglass resin,only its hard to work with and needs to work outdoors

Best about using aluminium plate,easy to work with,high strength,low cost and if standoff breaks like on fiberglass ,it can be easy to fix or change .on fiberglass it cant be fixed
That's what I gotta find, I have some aluminium plate/bars around here somewhere, somewhere around 2-3lbs max is what I am thinking for weight... Thanks:)
check mcmaster carr is cheap and fast shipping if you need other sizes also,just need a small piece near 1/16 to 1/8 thick is great,1/8 is what i use
FINALLY a little progress, i'm waiting for a couple parts orders I should see this week. I decided I wanted to mount the spg400a's inside the body, so far I have one side almost done, just waiting for a few parts to make it stronger, but this is basically how the shoulders will go..

User-inserted image

User-inserted image
Did you add a feedback pot on the shaft at the back,very important or speed and torgue will be way off

most of the SPG models you can have them add pot instead of doing it your self

all gearboxes or servo's have a feedback on the servo it needs to be removed and the 3 wires longer and add a feedback pot to final gear,its always on the final geat going to a arm or wheel or horns .
look at the SPG i do see there is a change the pot is under the metal hub,.so you will be ok,check if there is 6 wires from servo,3 for RC control to the EZB and 3 going under the aluminium hub
most likely it is

The SPG400A's I purchased as kits, already had the servos(PowerHD 1501MG's), they include a trim pot with the kit, so I only had to 'slightly' modify the servo: remove the servo trim pot, modify the servo for continuous rotation, make a notch on the servo body to run the wires for the trim pot through, then solder the trim pot that was included with the kit, it really works good..
Yes thats only way to do it,i design gear boxes ,continuous rotation you dont need a pot or 2 2.5 k resistors with center tap
on any other type you need it,its called closed LOOP system on continuous rotation its called open LOOP SYSTEM

from photo i couldnt tell,and didnt know you new about it

looks good so far ,i guess you will add aluminium i said to the plastic ,so it wont stress under load
ALSO one you get both servo boxes install,i would add a plate or angle aluminium to connect both together,one good reason is easy mount a servo for the head panning if you want
That's exactly what I am doing once I have both gearboxes installed:) I was thinking I could use threaded rods to put between the gearboxes, so I could adjust easier, but I also have some angle aluminium on the way, which would make a better mount for the head pan.. Just waiting for the parts...
great ,hopping to finish my box to mount my gear boxes ,i designed it so i can easy remove front or back panels with only 6 screws for repairs or updates all lcd monitor,speakers,usb and memory cards plus voltage and temperature is mounted to the frame,plus sensors and more

A very good example is the HEATHKIT HERO robots i also have ,i just oered a new robot #79 TOTAL
If you have some extra arms with or without grippers, let me know.