Captain Proton StarTrekVoyager tribute Robot.

Steve S


I have always loved the StarTrekVoyager Holodeck episodes of Captain Proton.   So Retro and Cool. Created a tribute Robot to the Star Trek Voyager Captain Proton Holodeck Character. Started with a Meccano, stripped out servos and installed EZ Robot HHD servos and an EZB controller. Added a Plasma Disc, and controller,  LED mouth and Eyes lights,  PWM controller on feet drive motors,  and body panels of foam board and PVC. InkJet printed Com Watch onto foam board with velcro wrist band,   and a Dr. Who Screwdriver for a Laser Gun.   EZ Robot claws with Meccano fingers. The unique servo (from a JD foot) allows the head to tilt extreme angles up and down, the way it is mounted.  It moves down and back, like a cat, to up in your face.  Bumped the shoulders out 2"  (5.8CM) to give it a little wider stance. The Plasma Disc had no issues with the EZB while testing in close proximity, but caused interference after I mounted it. I got around it by activating the EZB first, then the plasma disc.  I put a controller that only activates the disc after connection. The 1st video took a while to complete, with so many out takes.  The loud thump noise on final shoot was actually my 2nd computer falling off the table. The video has a restriction that it cannot be monetized, but I do not have 1000 subscribers anyway, but you can subscribe if you like. Thanks Steve s

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By the way, does he walk?

Have the stl files to print some of these parts?


EzAng, He is powered by the original Meccano motors that I have added a H-bridge to control with PWM from the EZB. There are no 3D printed parts.   Most are foam board panels that were cut with an exacto knife, after being traced from the Meccano body parts. The shoulder covers are from thin PVC tubes cut lengthwise in half, purchased at a hardware store. Steve S

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Great work and artist eye for use with these items

what light do you use for the chest?

seen Captain Proton in Star trek, funny


EzAng, Here is a link, if it does not work, it is on Amazon-Plasma Disc. Plasma Disc Thank you for your comments. Steve S

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yes, great video production, you and Will, fxrtst should team up

thanks Steve, I ordered the Plasma Disc.

can probably use it somewhere, lol

What ever became of you 7of9 borg ?


OMG, this is a scream! I love everything about this. Great robot and great video production. Funny thing, just a couple days ago I watched the movie (again) Sky Captain and the World Of Tomorrow. Your video reminds me so much of that cool movie.

Love the creativity you put into this robot. I'm glad you're back at!! Keep it up. You haven't lost a thing.

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EzAng, You asked where my 7 of 9 was?  She is in the basement with a bag over her head.  Hope she doesn't hold that against me when she is reactivated.

Dave, Thanks for your comments.  It was a very fun build and video.   I will have to check out the "Sky Captain" movie.

Steve S

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resistance is futile, you will be assimilated

I received the Plasma Disc.  - works well, I like the first setting, when I speak or match any noise it goes off...

What are the other small lights, just LEDs?

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Nomad 6R, Thanks for your comments. I see you are building an Immoov robot,  Looks like it is coming along very well. Look forward to updates.

EzAng, Yes, the other lights are LED's.  The eyes are steady on with EZB power, and the mouth is a sound servos. Created a DIY switch on the Plasma disc by installing an thin plastic insulator between the battery and the battery terminal. It is like a pull out tab often seen on toys and lights.  Added a wire with flat terminal ends on each side of the insulator to activate the disc from the EZB as needed. Steve S