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Hello all
It's been a while since I posted, been busy catching up on back orders for IKON so that took up most of my time.

I finished Doombot's skeleton/frame and I took him apart to make molds so I can reproduce the parts in aluminum and carbon fiber and kevlar. Its gonna be one mean deadly machine.

Anyway in the meantime I created Dirgebot, a smaller, less menacing and simpler to program (less moving parts) machine that's somewhat kid-friendly (for me). I wanted something my kid can play with (she wont even go in the room where Doom was parked).

Anyhoo here is the progress. Depending on how this proto goes I may market this model as a complete, not a kit, but something that can be used out of the box with no guesswork. I'm looking for an EZ Builder programmer who can work with me, in exchange for stake in the future company. I recently established Bertone Industries, LLC and I have access to a warehouse and it will be manufactured here in the US using rotocasting techniques. Please contact me if interested here: marcbertone39@gmail.com. Thanks guys!


This still uses the V3 board and a webcam, alongside the W3 Iconia mounted on its chest. I will upgrade soon. Please be nice to us dinosaurs! haha

He stands at 3' 4" currently.

User-inserted image

Testing the arm

User-inserted image

Head armature

User-inserted image

Sketching the head

User-inserted image

Chestplate attached

User-inserted image

Nearly finished sculpt. I'm gonna make a tutorial for making molds and casting fiberglass panels. This head is gonna be produced in fiberglass, alongside the rest of the robot when the sculpting is done. Hope you all like it.

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oops, I think I messed up on the pics. Here they are again*eek*

User-inserted image

User-inserted image

User-inserted image

User-inserted image

User-inserted image

User-inserted image
United Kingdom
@Marc, always KISS (the band) works too... Throw Destroyer, Revenge or even COS on and even if you fail at least you fail to some good music:D (that's not up for debate).

Or the real KISS way... license that bi**h for all it's worth;)

Back to the project, it's looking pretty damn awesome!


Or the real KISS way... license that bi**h for all it's worth Winky

"You got it dude!" (Michelle Tanner reply);)

Hey, I'm still a businessman...of course this is all leading to something...

BTW, Destroyer and Revenge is where it's at!
installed @Toymaker supplied Bosch motors courtesy of @Dave Schulpius
Thank you gentlemen for the assistance, and thanks @Richard R I got those parts I needed, and then some.


User-inserted image

Seen here attached as a rotation for the claw. More updates today as i have nearly completed work on the torso section...
Those Bosch motors fit the arm and claw perfectly... I love this....:)
@Richard R

Set Screw Hub

You're gonna need one of these...I will send a pair of em your way (along with the claws) I have extras.
@Doombot.... Sweet, thanks dude!.... I'll have some pics to send you within a week of my build.... No sugar coating dude... I want you honest opinion on it, ok?....:)
@Richard R
Ah dude I know it's gonna be awesome man...but of course I look at stuff objectively...I realize not everyone has the same taste as me...:D
Prepping the parts for moldmaking...sealing it with resin spray...waiting for it to dry thoroughly. Once again i will document moldmaking these parts into tutorials for everyone. It's easier than you all may think. I'm gonna go from simple 1 piece molds to intricate 4 piece molds, and casting in fiberglass.

User-inserted image


User-inserted image

Various arm parts and some of the claw
Dude... one day you should do a quick tutorial on how you do those molds? I would love to learn...
@Richard R
I'm getting there...I wanna be as thorough as I can as I want everyone to learn how to do it...;)
Really, Really looks GREAT.. I cant wait 'till the next full mockup.. Still no name?

Gynoid needs a big handsome boyfriend..


Hahaha Thanks man so flattering...

I have a few names I'm playing with I'm gonna name it officially when it's standing up with it's claws up in the air....;)
Got @Anthony turn my wheel design into a 3D masterpiece...
The honeycomb design acts as a suspension system. 5" X 1.5". I'm making molds out of this print and cast in 90A urethane rubber (that's about as hard as a skateboard wheel). I designed the treads so they can work on almost any surface, including grass.

User-inserted image

User-inserted image

Thanks to XLRobots for the speedy and professional response.
i could envision a large Dirgebot powered by a Harley Davidson engine..Rad
Here is a interesting design I found on Instructables. It reminded of your robot..Great inspiration. Love to see more updates on your great project.
User-inserted image

User-inserted image

And here is one of my current projects I am working on .BMAX
User-inserted image

User-inserted image
Wow that's a killer bot dude! I'm not a big fan of bipeds but that design works!
I love your BMAX too!

Yes I am working diligently on this Dirgebot but it's just taking longer than expected...I'm pretty close though...Thanks for caring.
Your work looks amazing.
Making molds and producing light powerful cool looking parts is definitely the right way to go.
I seem to produce better parts on my computer than I do sculpting parts by hand.
So a 3d printer is the best way for me to make many of my parts.
I need to learn the art of mold making and casting parts.
I look forward to seeing more of your Dirgebot and Doombot.
So very impressed by both Doombot and Dirgebots. Killer work on the sculpting and casting. It was well worth the time to read through both threads just to see the various process you went through. Love it all!
@doombot Hello... You must be busy but any new pictures of your projects... We haven't heard from you lately. I know it's Harley time... but !