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For the last decade or more I've been working on a series of large robots with articulated arms. I just finished the latest version, ARMadeus Mk7. Considered mid-size compared to some of its descendents, it measures 48" tall and weighs 112 pounds. Some of the main components include:

(3) 12V DC gear motors
(4) Servos
(6) 12V linear actuators
(4) IFI Victor 12V speed controllers
(2) Sabertooth 2x12 speed controllers
(2) IFI Spike H-Bridge relay modules
(1) Audio player
(1) video camera w/ 2.4GHz transmitter

There are two common features that I consider essential when designing large-scale robots, adjustability and modularity. All of the ARMadeus robots have been built using 80/20 aluminum t-slotted extrusions and joining plates. It allows for flexibility in repositioning parts without having to drill holes. The first picture shows the lower 21" wide x 32" long lower chassis and drive train.

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Here's a closeup of one of the drive units, consisting of an NPC 2212 12V 285 rpm gear motor and 2 AndyMark 6" HiGrip wheels.

User-inserted image

The rear wheel assembly uses an AndyMark 6" Omni wheel.

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On one side of the chassis is the main power switch/120 Amp circuit breaker. A blue LED light tube for effect lighting can be seen just under the chassis rail.

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The robot is powered by 12V 17AH Sealed Lead Acid battery. The 15 lb battery is mounted horizontally on a tray near the back of the robot and acts a counterweight when the robot arms and torso are fully extended.

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Front and rear Parallax PING sensors are mounted on tilting brackets as shown below.

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I will post pictures of the remaining subsystems and the completed robot during the next few days.
Commented March 2013
Thanks for the explication :-)
I see things more clearly.
Can you recommend me a xbee pro module particularly ?
Jim Milan
Commented March 2013

I'm using the 60mW XBee Pro with the chip antenna at the EZ-B end on my robot and a 60mW XBee Pro with a wire antenna on the PC side. I have not tried any other module configurations. This combination works well for me.

Commented March 2013
@Jim Milan

What range do you get with the XBee? Thanks.
Jim Milan
Commented March 2013

I haven't really tested the range anywhere near the theoretical limit. So far it has worked fine over a distance of several hundred feet with the PC indoors and the robot outside.

Commented March 2013
motors you are using look like ones i bought for full size R2-D2 using ,i know they take a lot of power\

NICE job on your design too
AvatarJim Milan
Published on Friday, September 7, 2012