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Jim Milan

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Function For Counting Pulses On A Digital Input

I need to count the number of times a digital input detects state changes within a specified time window (100ms to 1000ms). Any suggestions? Thanks.

Minimum Ezb V4 Operating Voltage

What is the minimum operating voltage for the EZB V4? I would like to power the V4 using a regulated 5V/5A dc-dc converter. This would allow me to use 5V sensors without having to add any adapter boards to the ports. A separate power source will provide power for any servos.

Suggestion For ARC

DJ, For my latest large robot project I am using a sound card similar to the MP3 but it plays .wav files instead .mp3 files. Rather than ask for a control for this specific hardware, would you consider creating a generic version of the MP3 Trigger control? This universal matrix control would use the same 10x10 array of buttons as the MP3 trigger,...

Typos In Script Manual

DJ, I noticed a few apparent typos in the script manual for the following commands, where the listed examples dont match the syntax of the command definition. PWMRandom (digitalPort, lowSpeed, highSpeed) ServoSpeedRandom (servoPort, lowSpeed, highSpeed) SetRandom (digitalPort) SpeakRSSDescription( url, [story index] ) I2CWrite( hexAddress, data,...

Trouble Updating To Firmware V16.0

Ive been trying to update the firmware from version 15.8 to 16.0. After the Boot Loader progress bar finishes nothing happens. The screen messages stop. Two previous firmware updates went without any problems. Attempting connection to COM9 EZ-B reports EZ-B Firmware V15.8 Connected Starting Keep-Alive Keep-Alive Disabled Starting Boot Loader......
Hi Folks

Hi Folks

My name is Jim. For the past 17 years Ive been an engineering mentor for a local FIRST team, helping high school students design and build 150 lb. robots for the FIRST Robotics Competition. Thanks to...
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