This Is My Track Giant Robot , Using Ez-robot Controler

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Hi, this is my Track Robot ( Winter project ) , Giant scale Track Robot with EZ-Robot board using Wall-E base

Hello, my project was made from two snow track removed from a old snow blower , my two ( angle motor ) 12 volts motors ( 6 amps each )are controled with a Sabertooth 2X12R/C in Radio Control mode.

I connect the output of my EZ-Board normally connected to the the motors (Continuous Rotation Servo) directly in Sabertooth imputs normally used to connect to channel 1 and 2 of the Radio Control receiver.

The software that I currently used is the one of Wall-E ( designed by DJ ) , and all works very well !

I still have to install all sensors and a wireless camera, I intend to add a high gain WIFI antenna on the EZ-Board and on my 2.5 camera for more range ( actualy a have only around 25 feet ( 7 meters )

Other option ? put a PC ( laptop ) inside ?

I'll add more photos and video as soon as possible

thank you for following my project

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Impressive ! Congratz ! Why don't you show us some pic's of what's inside. Or something like 'the making of'. Can't wait to see some more video's.




Cool! Tracks on robots are always very cool. But I also want more.....


me encanta tu trabajo chico estoy haciendo un robot parecido al tuyo sigue asi saludos


Awsome project.

Where did you get the motors with the long shafts?


Those are cool motors. Are they from a powered wheel chair? They look very strong and hefty.

Hey! This could start a whole new product! What about a remote controlled snow blower? Those of us living in the snow belt of any country around the world would love to sit in a warm house while looking through the window and run the snow blower up and down the driveway by RC. Canadian Robot Maker, you just may have something here!


What a beast! I also want to videos of it climbing around.



hola amigos donde se puede conseguir orugas porque ando buscando y no hay manera para tipo tanque grande