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Kitty Hawk is named after a musical developed by the Adrienne Arsht Center about the Wright Brothers development of flight.  The musical is a STEM theme to attract 7th graders to want to explore STEM showcasing the Wright Brothers journey.  I am part of the curriulum team and coordinate an afterschool aviation program related to the musical.  The students learn and desgin various apects of wing design.  Thy learn to paint in water colors themselves flying.  We have added coding to the program and this year the students will use the EZ-Robot to create a themed based "dance" or other presentation.  This is my attempt (sharing with the students) to have the EZ-Robot "dance" to one of the songs of the musical.  I tried to mimic some of its moves to what the actors do on stage.

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I loved the soundboard. I learned that I had to make sure the audio file was usable in ARC. The find a section I wanted to use. I loved that progarmming is similiar to other coding languages and editing software since I am teaching middle schoolers to do this.

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Since I am new to the EZ-Robot - it is standard design. I had to get an audio file of the musical score and change it to a file that can be used. The I had to choose a section of the song to use. It was very long. I just edited the script and added actions to each part. It was hard to to coordinate the movements with the music. Lots of trial and error for placements.

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That is wonderful! Thank you for sharing, and we hope your initiative gathers the attention of many students. How could they not be, with a fun dancing robot like that? :D


It's fantastic to hear about your project, SBANAS09! Integrating robotics and coding into an arts and STEM curriculum is a brilliant way to engage students and foster a multidisciplinary learning environment. Using Synthiam ARC and the EZ-Robot for a dance presentation that ties into the "Kitty Hawk" musical is a creative approach to education.

Good luck with your presentation, and we hope the students enjoy this innovative learning experience! If you need further assistance or have specific questions as you develop your project, feel free to ask.

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Nice video Good luck with the students.