My Inmoov's New Base

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Here's a quick look at the base I've built for my InMoov robot.

Commented March 2015
Thanks everyone for your comments, more videos coming.
@cem, You should start a new thread to discuss that printer, then the comments won't be lost in this thread for those who look for information on the printer in the future.
Steve G
Commented March 2015

I'm really liking the base. Very stable and looks great. Very clean. You have inspired me to start a little early on my next project after seeing the video and base design.

Looks great with the Inmoov. :)
Steve S
Commented March 2015
The mobile base adds so much to your already great robot.
Looking forward to details.
Steve S ;)
Commented August 2015

you have any close up pics of Inmoov's head? Is the head design your own?

Commented August 2015
OOOOPS! I just did further research on Inmoov and realize now that it's open source but not available for commercial use.

(never mind, Bob)

Published on Thursday, March 26, 2015