J.a.r.v.i.s The Personal Assistant Bot.


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So i've started constructing my Robot which i've named J.A.R.V.I.S
I know there are several other bots that share this name but It's using an A.I. Core that i developed that has the same name. The A.I. is on my PC and integrates with the Z-Wave automation system in my apartment but i thought it would be a thousand times more useful if given a body and limbs (to vacuum, serve guests and maybe eventually do the dishes lol). The plan is to include an onboard pc likely an Intel NUC with an I3 processor (Want the added processing power to run the AI software and EZ Builder simultaneously).

This is the Mannequin Torso I'm using:
User-inserted image

I mounted this Touchscreen monitor on the back:
User-inserted image

This is the monitor mounted on the mannequin:
User-inserted image

Thanks to @StoneWolf who sold me one of his extra Omnibot 2000 heads which fits perfectly on the torso:
User-inserted image

This evening i cut the neck on the torso to be flush and allow the head to be mounted. This is the head on the torso:
User-inserted image

and from the back with the monitor hooked up to a laptop:
User-inserted image

Still to do:
1) need to swap out the eyes for blue LED's and hook up servos for the neck

2) attach a camera in the head like how DJ has his in his Omnibot build.

3) Figure out the drivetrain
I want to use either a max 99 12" round robotics platform from zagros robotics or an electric wheelchair base.
i'd prefer the electric wheel chair for the durability and the load capacity but its hard to find one cheap.

4) Pick up a sabertooth motor controller to link the drivetrain with the EZB

5) design the arms which will mount to the shoulders
currently at a toss up between cutting mannequin arms in half and mounting servos at the shoulders and elbows and attaching a gripper at the wrist, or custom building them from scratch out of aluminum, or trying to buy a pair of HD7 Arms through XL-Robots if they're offered when their store opens.

Let me know what you guys think. Ideas and suggestions are welcome. The threads on here and everyones commentary is always a wealth of inspiration!

Thanks for checking him out!

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Kullthulu :-}
Very good build :-} The head looks great and it does fit well, really glad I was able to help you out :-} I'm curious to see your progress. I was wondering what you were working on :-}
United Kingdom
Looking good.

On the AI core, I've found it more effective and efficient to have my AI core running on it's own dedicated PC hidden away in the house and have everything else talk to it over the network. This has allowed my lower specs of PCs to run other things. It also means that if something goes wrong with the bot it's not as difficult to repair the AI core (i.e. if the bot fell over or the on board PC over heated etc.).

I did consider running the AI core onboard, I've also considered running a dumber version on board. It's all down to personal preference, costs etc. though. I'll be keeping a close eye on this one to see how it pans out:)

will you be sharing your A.I. with the group? Or do you have some previous priority committment?

Keep up the good work.

Great job! I will follow this project.

Very cool project! I will also be following your build, because a have a female mannequin torso I would like to use on my next build.
Thanks for posting.
Steve S
Super cool. I don't know why I never thought of using mannequin parts. I saw one last weekend at a rummage sale and didn't even think about it. Awesome work @Kullthulu. I too will be watching this.
Thanks for the support guys! and thanks again @Stonewolf for the head!

@MovieMaker - the A.I. is still a work in progress. I kind of put its development on hold while i build my bot but once its complete i'd be happy to share the code.

@Antron007 I never knew why people didn't use mannequin parts more often in robotics. It seems like the best way to build a humanoid. especially when they're hollow bodied allowing plenty of room for wiring and components. so far its working out great.

@Rich, I considered having the AI hosted on a separate machine and just piping the audio to and from using a wireless mic and speaker but i had concerns about range and needing to bring a separate machine if i wanted to show the bot off somewhere. also the way the AI is programmed the AI is going to eventually interface directly with ARC for certain functionality (IE: Ask J.A.R.V.I.S a question that he doesn't know the answer to and he cocks his head like a confused dog) It will also be able to do things like run google searches and get map directions and display the results on his back panel. This adds a layer of complexity if these commands have to be issued from one PC to another and the added potential points of failure just didn't seem worth it if i can keep everything self contained.

This is a video i made of the A.I. system in early development so you can get an idea of what it will be like on board my robot: