Published on October 24 2015

First Real Video Of "hansi" - Inmoov With Working Head And Torso

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Here is the first interesting video of my Hansi.

With working Head and Torso ( and of course with Neo Pixel Rings)

December 20 2015
awesome robot! its really impressive how you did the mouthwork. keep building!??
December 20 2015
Hello dederdegamertag!

Thanx for the compliment!

Yes i am still at work!

For the mouthwork, i try in the moment a new idea, to source out the Talking servo App to a Board Soulution.

The idea to send the Audio Signal to the

and the Spectrum Shield send a signal to arduino who send a signal to a servo.

So then if everything work, the mouth move to every sound what come out of my loudspeaker.

Until today the talking servo make some problem. For example on a saying date, the talking servo stop to fast. The date is still saying, but the mouth is not moving anymore. And some other timing problem.

I will see if my idea will work.

If i have news i make a video update.
September 16 2016
That's great! Very impressive the way you improvised and got all the controllers working together, I'm tempted to start an ez robot/inmoov project...but I think I should stick with stock EZ parts for now, too many hobbies! On a side note I lived in West Berlin for a year in 1980-1981..had a great time their as kid. My dad is originally from Berlin...nice city.
September 16 2016
Hello Surfcrs!

Thanx for your compliment! Yes you are right to collect a lot of ez controllers, usb cams, electronic stuff and a really lot of servos ;-)

I had a big break of more than half a year with building my inmoov. I installed last week the Omron face camera

and it works quit good ( Thanx to CochranRobotics!)

If i have some good stuff for a video i will post it!

Yeahhh West-Berlin ;- )

I am born in Schöneberg! I know this West-Berlin times also really good, but also on the other hand i had also holydays in the DDR as a little child. The told all people in this little village that i come from East-Berlin (not West-Berlin) and they told me not carry my Mickey Mouse Comic outsite, because then i will have problems!

Yeahh great old times. Where do you live in Berlin in this times?

Greatinxx from


now from Moabit - Berlin
September 20 2016
I believe the area was considered Tempelhof. My dad taught at the Free University and I went to the John F Kennedy International School. We did take several trips to DDR and one to Poland to see Poznan (Posen) which my Dad's family was from Pre World War 1 before moving to Dad wanted to see it again as he used to visit there with family in 1930's. I grew up and still remain in California but that Berlin experience still remains an exciting and unique childhood memory. I did visit for about 1 week in 1993 and remember seeing Cranes everywhere from all the building post wall.