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DJ Sures

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I created this thread in the Project Showcase because, well, it was once a project... and now it is a company. I'd like to tell you a little story about the evolution of Revolution - because many of you have been watching the show!

As many of you know, EZ-Robot started with a product named the Complete Kit. It included the EZ-B v3 Robot Controller, Wireless Camera and Servos. We shipped thousands of these kits to over a hundred countries - and of course we have created an amazing community from the product.

A few years ago, we created a poll on Facebook asking what features people wanted from EZ-Robot for the next product. The poll options were lower price, modular platform, more tutorials and more features. Twice as many people voted for a modular platform over the other options. Well, that was clear!

EZ-Robot already had a great robot controller, strong heavy duty servos and amazing robot control software. Now we needed to design a platform which enhanced our existing product...

I struggled for a while at what the modular platform would be. Many ideas had gone through my head - from large plastic components to make robot dogs and even a strange robot teddy bear concept. While driving the 20 hour trip between my summer cabin and home, I had a vision of Revolution. This entire "thing" that you know of Revolution was designed during the 20 hour road trip. Every robot, piece, connector, and feature of the controller was architected at that time.

I was extremely excited and began sketching parts. They may not be exactly the same as the product today, but you can see the roots...

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Within 24 hours of arriving home from my summer vacation, I had assembled a working prototype. The pieces were cut plastic. I bent the angles by heating it with a candle. In some of the original historical videos, you can see the candle on the desk in the background. Here are some historical videos that date back to the early development of EZ-Robot Revolution...

Once I got the robot moving and parts connecting, I started designing in Solid Works.

I ordered a MakerBot Replicator 2 3D Printer to create parts as prototypes.

We have sure come a long way!

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I'm honored you shared this with us. You have an amazing mind. On long road trips I just think about getting to the end to the trip.

I love the vids. I guess ya have to crawl before you can walk! :P


Nice documentary for Revolution! I always find it interesting where and how people get their creative vision ..yeah and sweet vids and I guess you have to doodle before you 3Doodle it :D If I may suggest more trips to the cabin!;)


In a couple of years .... EZ-Robot the movie will be out. Bradley Cooper will play the ever passionate, outgoing but brilliant visionary DJ Sures and Jennifer Lawrence will play the classy upbeat web jockey Chrissi... They are still casting for the roles of Jason and Alan.... However, sources close have it that ongoing talks to the Justin Beiber camp suggest a possible role for the headstrong Canadian bad boy.... Stay tuned folks...

Hey, if Lego gets a movie, I think it's only fitting that EZ-Robot does too...:)


@Richard R, I can see it.:)


:D:D:D ez is your personality :D:D:D :D:D :great consept :D:D :D great man :D

United Kingdom

It's been awesome to be along for the ride, even if only over the internet. In the short time I've been part of the community (18 months at the most) I've seen you go from a company run by 2 people from a basement to a company with a huge hq and a whole bunch of staff.

And the best thing is, you're still in touch with your community, your customers, your fan base! Sure there are times when you're not around and yes you do have limited time recently but you're still here, you still throw people answers when needed or throw them praise on their work.

I'm glad I've been here to see the transformation.


D.J., totally enjoyed the REVOLUTION vids. Six is awesome! I can tell you created it by great ideas and testing (trial and improvement). Thank you, looking forward to the GREAT RIDE! Already had fun with EZB3! Steve S


Very cool , thankyou for sharing some of the milestones in the revolution inception. Taking feedback and translating it into a useable product is a amazing accomplishment.:)


@DJ That was a very good story of how things started and have become for you, I to use to tinker and experiment with things and build unique creations when I was a kid, some of the stuff blew my teachers away. Your creativity has really made EZ-Robot a truly incredible company that I do believe it is bound for greater things. This community is really AWESOME and well I believe we haven't even seen the best of what is yet to come on here. Everyone on here has their own ways of doing things and all the robots are different which makes this a really cool website and forum and community to be a part of. A lot of talent and intelligence is right here before us :-} Our world might be a big mess right now, but we do have a lot of good people from all over the globe right here, pretty cool if you think about it :-}