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Now that I have finished B.O.B., my get your feet wet bot, I have begun my next hack. This next robot will bridge the gap between Bob and my ultimate big robot. I am starting with a remote controlled B9 toy from Trendmasters. It was very limited in what it did, and the drive section was pathetic, but it was B9!

Before Pics:
User-inserted image

User-inserted image

User-inserted image

Note: the front "lights" in the chest plate is actually just a decal.

Here is what B9 looks like now:

User-inserted image

I have mounted clear LEDs in the appropriate colors in the chest at the bottom of the decal and have a flashing circuit that will blink them in the combination as seen on the series. Where the two large round circles are (white domes on the big guy) I will have my ping sensor. I have mounted pager motors in the antenna housings to turn the "sensors" as seen in the TV version. I have mounted red El Wire to his voice plate to emulate the original as well. I have also mounted a series of blinking LEDs to the "brain" section in the bubble.

Next is to work on the rotation of the bubble and torso, articulate the arms and claws, and make a real functioning tread section. For the tread section I am adapting the base from my RAD robot. I will keep you posted with pics as I proceed.



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So I have all of my connections sorted out and have some movement.

Working on all of the controls in ARC, then I can start on some real programming.

Of course I still need to fix his one bum arm....

User-inserted image
I dont understand how your using radar ping on you ultrasonic but your ultrasonic doesn't move? Can you explain how your doing this?
The radar still scans via programming, even when stationary (it is really just the sampling rate but looks cool). The servo just expands on that scanning distance/field of view.

I started working on some of the programming (even though I have to get a few things fixed). At the start of this video look closely at the antenna and you will see random movement.

I love the lights in his head and body.
Looks very cool.
Hope you get his right arm working soon.
Danger is much cooler with both arms waving.
He drives around great.
So I finally got my workshop figured out and got back to B9. I have finally fixed his gimpy arm. I had to replace one of the servos in the elbow.
User-inserted image

Now he looks like he is supposed to.
User-inserted image

User-inserted image

User-inserted image

User-inserted image

Since I am finally happy with his construction, I am totally ready to continue on with the programming. I think I will start another thread dedicated to his programming. Thank you to everyone for your kind support and words of encouragement. A special thanks to Josh Starnes. And a very special thanks to DJ Sures for creating the EZ-Robot - My little B9 would still be only a dream without it.
Awesome Job Brett , it looks very professional. Thanks for the shout out. I am here anytime. - Josh Starnes
It will be great to see him running around and doing cool new things as you program him.
EZ-B helps make dreams come true!
Bret, I have looked over this tutorial and I don't know if I have all of the stuff to pull this off. But, I will attempt it when I get my B-9 in. Your project was a complete and total success!


I finally got my B-9 in today. It's neck has the head touching the other plastic thingy and is slightly bent. I noticed that your neck is longer. It looks better.
@MEL what size and type did you get trendmasters or another one

@dave i see on ebay they are selling some parts for the full size you have ,custom made parts
SO i am thinking of buying them,like the legs are $699 and more

Don't get ripped off with knock off B9 parts! I have. I would not recommend buying full Sized B9 parts from eBay unless you know they are made by B9 Builders Club vendors. They make the highest quality and best match to the original. Most are a very close match.

As far as Rubber Legs, Arms and the Bubble Lifter boot the club vender that makes the best ones is about to close his run. If you are serious about getting something like this please visit Will's web site:

Will Huff .com

Will is a valued member of this forum (EZ Robots) also.

Also look at the B9 vendors page here for the other parts offered. Some parts are available all the time. Others are only available when they do their runs:

Quality B9 parts

Do you have the link to the auctions you mentioned?

Good Luck, Dave Schulpius
Thanks Moviemaker, let me know if you need any tips on your build. I will look thru my parts and see what I have left over from the build. On the neck, I just extended it as far as it would go and screwed it in place.
@Robotmaker - That's a lot more money buying through that eBay auction ($179.00!) then buying directly. If bought through Allied Electronics you'll pay about $70.

I really don't want to hijack Bret's topic here (Sorry Brett). If your really going to build one of these big B9's I suggest you join the B9 Builder's Club (it's free now). We have a web site (through the above links) and a e-mail group with lots of help. We can continue this discussion there.
Where did you get your standoffs? and what where they called?

Can you please share to patterns, especially for the hands? I don't have a 3D printer, so I need a 2D drawing that I can print out and cut out.


@Fred I got the 24" B9. It's neck mechanism was broken. But it did not damage the main parts.
Bret was right, the drive mechanism sucks. So, now I need the drive from the RAD. I had a RAD in my hands a few weeks ago that I could've gotten for $4.99. But, I said "no, I want the Omnibot" So i passed up possibly that comes one in a lifetime.

Doh! I hate it when I do stuff like that Moviemaker! Don't feel too bad. I've found that "once in a lifetime" deals usually come around again sooner or later unless your lifetime is very short.
GREAT job! Where did you get the mini servos ?
I would like to say Thanks for pictures and videos. Plus all your time explaining how and why you did this and that.
I read it from start to finish, all 551 posts. All I can say is five stars out of five stars.


Thanks Guys! I got the mini servos on ebay. The claws I just cut out of some ABS plastic. I can try to re-draw the design for you.
I will 3d print my claws once I make the 3d claws and a STL file.
I need some red ABS plastic now.