My Inmoov's New Base


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Here's a quick look at the base I've built for my InMoov robot.

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If I had a choice (which I did) between the Dreamer and the Creator Pro... It would be the Creator Pro hands down... I took @Doc's advice and purchased the Creator Pro and it has been an awesome printer....:)
Thanks everyone for your comments, more videos coming.
@cem, You should start a new thread to discuss that printer, then the comments won't be lost in this thread for those who look for information on the printer in the future.
United Kingdom

I'm really liking the base. Very stable and looks great. Very clean. You have inspired me to start a little early on my next project after seeing the video and base design.

Looks great with the Inmoov.:)
The mobile base adds so much to your already great robot.
Looking forward to details.
Steve S;)

Do you have any close up pics of Inmoov's head? Is the head design your own?

OOOOPS! I just did further research on Inmoov and realize now that it's open source but not available for commercial use.

(never mind, Bob)