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I recently connected my ez-robot to my jo zero humaniod robot which has 22 working servos, which is 2 more than what the ez- controller. Is there anyone who knows how to hack this controller HSWB04F. Or how to add more servo inserts? I am sorry I know too little about modifiying these robots, All I know is that I can work with the ez-robot controller but I would like to have more servo ports.

please help, any suggestions will be welcome, Thank you.

i have added pictures of the HSWB04F and my robot.
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Welcome to the community.

You can't add more ports to the EZ-B, at best you could use an I2C extender to give more ports via the I2C bus but the servos on the extender would be controlled via EZ-Script not native controls, and would not be supported by any ARC controls.

You could look at multiplexing however this has been discussed in the past and is not supported nor recommended.

Ideally, if you have space, you should use 2 EZ-Bs.

Thanks for welcoming me, with that said. I would love to use 2 ez-b , how do I do that? Where would I start? Thanks again. If I can hook up two ez-b then I can add more functions like I planed.
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You can have up to 5 EZ-Bs in one instance of ARC, simply specify which board the servo, sensor or whatever is on. The only restriction is the Movement Panel which is specified to be on board 0 and is not changeable (not an issue for a biped).

Pair both EZ-Bs to the PC. Set one as EZ-B 0 and the other as EZ-B 1 in the connection control. Set servos as appropriate and voila.
Excellent input Rich...thanks for being awesome!
Hi,what's the use of joints to drive?
I just ordered my 2nd controller, so I'll keep you updated as I try this. Thanks a lot friends.
cant wait!

(you probably don't know this, but I have a secret love for bipieds.)