Mini version boxbot P2-V1

Nomad 6R

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P2 stands for printed second version boxbot.cause dj made the first boxbot.
the V1 stands for version 1.version V2 will get some wheels.
this robot is a desk robot to train excample camera /position movements and more.
it has 4 micro servo's camera still to come ,two flat eye LED blue.
the red covers lowerlegs are changeble i, other colors.
still need to do .head to print/camera /choulder covers (servo's )

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I am here, a little slow out here  :-)

looks great, my robot friend - 

any videos?

i am uploading the video now.
Nice eye lights, good movements -  Almost a JD robot

He he walk yet?

wow these are awesome wheels.thanks for the links.
haha funny there is one with my name,NOMAD .
nomad wheels
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lol yes that is funny
nice wheels
Hi Nomand,
That head came out great. Cant wait to see the wheel base you choose :)
hey robohappy

sorry for late respons.i was also thinking off using the two balance board,
and some ez wheel servo's.
shoulder covers and neck cover are reddy.

User-inserted image

User-inserted image
here's the wheel plate.using the ez robot wheel servo's.

User-inserted image

User-inserted image

User-inserted image

User-inserted image

you can see the two tiny screws to keep the feets inside the plate.
inside front plate are the two squerre and spindel.

waiting for parts DUH.
Your robot is looking good Nomad, Does he have a name?

I just got back from my other life , the country / farm life -  back to the city.

when will a video be coming of your robot? Keep me posted

thanks again
hi ezang

the name is boxbot p2-v1 comes from p2 means printed and two means second boxbot.
dj made the first one in cardboard.v1 stands for version 1
to make a video i need this sensor,

here you can see how the wheel servo's are connected to the wheel plate.

User-inserted image
Nice job on the wheel base.  Makes for a nice finish to the build. Will be cool to see it roaming around.
nice job Nomad, waiting for your video.