Here is my Robie jr /Omnibot project I just started. I used the lower drive train from an Omnibot. Installed head rotation servo and a ping ultrasonic sensor on front bumper..Still has all of its original features and function. Motion is great lots of power and no caster required to balance it. It has a 7.2 rechargable battery. Will be installing EZB4 when it arrives... User-inserted image

User-inserted image

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South Africa

Awesome project do you have any videos of it


Wow, that is a clean build! It's not often that the original design is maintained when someone ez-robot's a toy... i really like that!


rb550f, Very sharp and clean looking robot! Did you add the color and details? Steve S EDIT, I really did not copy D.J., I am slow @ posting.

United Kingdom

Nice build. I love the clean builds that don't take anything away from the original design (my original idea for Melvin was clean and stealthy but loved the Brian the Brain head too much not to use it).

Out of interest, what's the servo in the base used for?


Some of the colors and details i added..Servo is for head rotation will connect servo and motor driver to EZB..No video yet..He works better than ever with 4 wd. Thanks for positive responses..


Looks great, your robots are amazing rb550f, mind is blown.

Any updates on this one?