First Look At Fud2


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Finally got around to taking a picture of my current Bot FUD2.

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Nice! I'm not sure if you meant or not but he definitely looks like an R2D2 minion:)

What are you using for a track system if you don't mind me asking? I don't recognize it.
I am using the SainSmart V3 Track Base. I have an Arduino Uno with a motor shield to drive the motors, and using the EZB serial to send command to the Arduino.
No, I haven't seen the R2D2 Minions, I just got tired of the bot always at a slant.
I have the Camera in an eye ball and always had to have it adjusted all the way down.
The Eye ball I made from a bed post cap, just a little smaller then a ping pong ball.
Sorry, I just meant that your robot looks like a cross between an R2D2 and a minion from the movie "Dispicable Me":D

Thanks for the Track Base info!
I wasn't insulted, The eye ball sort of does give him a minion look. maybe I should give him the designation as M2D2 for Minion.
WHOA I never thought of arms on an R2D2! That's brilliant! It does look like a minion:D
Thanks DJ,
I guess I will have to go to work on 3D Printing a goggle for around the eye and some coveralls.
Then rename him Stuart