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You may or may not have seen the documentation of my omnibot build (B.o.b. - Bret's Omnibot), but here he is completed. Bob's Mods: Camera, head turning, right shoulder articulated, left shoulder, elbow, wrist, and claw articulated, sonar, lighting, EL wire accents. I am just working on him here with my joystick gamepad, playing with different functions. But Bob is ready to go - and thanks for the salt little guy.

without further adieu - Bob:

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What an awesome little bot love the claw and the flashing front panel lights
great job!!!!

Great looking bot!!!!!

Very smooth movement....I love it!!!!!
Handsome Bot!

I think the EL wire was a super cool idea.
Very cool Bret! I've always liked this photo of it. The black is great!

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Bret, Hats off to you! Outstanding job! That arm is awesome. The lights are the bomb too!
"liked" it ... the whole bot looks solid, great work.
Feel like he could give a good TV style "judo chop" with that claw:)
Very nice job bret!!!!!! Lookin' good!!!!!!! you ended up doing some of the same things I did on myOmni. EZ-B in the cassette draw. I was thinking about a black paint job trimmedwith gold. I ended up with silver overall with gold trim. I went through your build pics but didn't see one on how you mounted the head servo. Do you have any pics of the set up? I had got everything done accept for his head set up. That bot got put on hold for a bit when I went on to other projects. I wanted to use my EZ-B in another project. I will eventually finish him. Again nice build! Oh, I did some similar LED's in his front plate too. Rock on!!!!!
@Lloyd - Thanks! Sorry, I did not get any pics of the head servo. But what I did was to mount a piece of angle plastic across the bot (using hot glue) and cut a hole in it so the servo would just slip down into it. Then I secured the servo horn to to a flat piece of aluminum and mounted that to the head. I hope that is clear. If not, I can make up some drawings.
Very nice!
I think I follow what you did. However, like the old saying goes.................a picture is worth a thousand words.Once I get the head servo in I can swap in one of my EZ-B's and bring him to life. Thanks.
So do you have a omnibot.project omnifreak?
By the way, what did you do with the flashing LED's? Did you use EZ-B digital pins or did you create a circuit to flash them?
I used and LED chaser circuit and randomly placed the LEDs. Then I tied that to an EZ-B digital pin to turn it off and on. You need to use a TIP120 transistor to do this. I posted instructions on someone else's link but can't find it now.
Thanks for the response. I'll have to give it a try. Makes for a veryyyyyyyyyyyy cool display!!!!!!
Super cool robot.
Looks great black with all the lights flashing.
I need to get more EZ Bs to make more of my robots smarter.