Technopro Wall-e Project


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I have finally started my wall-e project. I have desided to keep it simple due to my lack of income at age 12. I have gutted my Wall-e u-command(mostly) and are waiting the arrival of my ez-kit.

(He is sad)

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His eyes are saging that way naturally.
Most of the parts i took out(not many until i have the kit)

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Hey, i noticed the ir receiver(x2) in the wall-e. Could it be posible to configure the ez-b to use this and it to be able to be controlled without my laptop?

EDIT:Could they be used for a home base setup(autonomous return to home)?
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I am not sure about ir receiver. But that little walle looks like a great little project. Make sure to take some pictures of your progress for us to follow.
yep for sure. my cousin is going to help me when i get the kit in march. Might repost the project if it gets knocked down before then.

Saved the motors for some other project.
EZ-b will be in on monday so saturday i will be posting live while building.
Feel free to tune in and give suggestions on the head, eyes, neck, track, etc.

Have started moding the toys battery pack to allow 9V to power ez-b. Will put in parallel with included battery pack.
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Sweet! Have a good time with it. Remember, although 9v is plenty of voltage to drive the board, it's not a lot of AMPs to drive all the servos and other goodies you are likely to add. It's a fine start, but consider longer life voltage.

I tend to tether my Wall-E to a 6v 4.5 Amp/hour gel with a long cord when developing and testing.
Ok thanks will look into that.

Thinking I will just use rechargeable AA batteries. Have a bunch of sales in south-western Ontario right now.
How did you make him speak? Can you help me please. How can i make him say his name or Eva?
please don't jack threads. you have asked in minimum 3 different spots. you only need to ask in one.

I use the samples that come in dj's example.
So, wall-e has been neglected so I decided to give him some love.

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He now can look down, and he got a Bluetooth speaker! He can talk now.

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He may be a year or so old but he's still going!

P.S., he also got a new longer lasting battery.

$30 from The Source(radio shack).
The blue wire is an antenna I added to the Bluetooth from the speaker, cause if the speaker wasn't within 3 feet it would loose connection with everything including my laptop and ipod.
Well, after over a year of dust collecting, I pulled Wall-e back out and he is still working! even on the latest software. I guess support for the Ez-b V3 hasn't ended yet? Sort of cool how after no use he still works.