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ARC External Interface

ARC External Interface

Hi all, I love what DJ has done with ARC and all the enhancements that have been made and continue to be made. Having the SDKs are awesome but I really like what DJ has already...
Hc-Sr501 Human Sensor Module Pyroelectric Infrared Module

Hc-Sr501 Human Sensor Module Pyroelectric Infrared Module

Hi All, I purchased a few of these PIR sensors on ebail for $4.50 (USD) each. They took a while to arrive...

Pwm Control In Scripts

Hi DJ, I am starting to use the PWM control on my H-bridge. The control itself works GREAT. What I need to do now is to get it into my movement scripts so i can change the speed of LEGION. I found out that I can use the Servo(DX,XX) and it works....Is this the script command I should be using? If so the problem is that it only limits to 75 and the...

Com Ports Dropdown List In ARC And Firmware Updater

Hi All, I apologize if this has been posted with a solution but I could not find it in bugs. I noticed after the IP capable version of ARC came out (awesome btw) my COM Ports showed up in the pull down a little strange. Where I had COM6 before, I now had COM16 showing. The COM port was verified as COM6 with the OS and I was able to key in COM6 it...

Increased Ping Sensor Range And Calibration

Thanks DJ for increasing the sensitivity of the PING sensor! Whatever magic you did with the code has really made a huge difference. I do have a few questions however with how the sensitivity increase has managed to affect the Controls. Now the ping sensor shows 255 when nothing is in front of it. My sensor starts to pick up objects at about 70...

ARC Script Interface And Serial Communications

I am liking the interface that we now have with ARC ALOT. Well done DJ! I am able to control ARC with an outside python program which is awesome for my projects. What I am realizing is that within ARC there are few GET type functions available. For example, you cannot get the state of a Digital port without a control (at least from what I have...

Save Button On Voice Synthesis Config

Hey all, I have been playing with the Soundboard and Text to Speech (TTS) (Voice Synthesis). Both awesome ARC tools! I have noticed that there is now a config setting for the voice synthesis that allows for change to male female child voice etc. I cannot figure out how to save the configuration however. Looks like there may be a SAVE button...

New Anomaly On D0 Signal Pin

Hello All, After the latest firmware update I am noticing that the signal pin on D0 on my EZ B starts out in a high state. All other D pins are low (strange). I believe this is a problem with the latest firmware because I now have 2 EZ-Bs and they have the same issue. D0 is high on power connect. I discovered this when my bot started moving (at...

Camera Config Settings Save

Hi all, I am not sure but it appears there may be a button missing on the new build. If you go into camera config and open the settings window there is no save button and the settings dont save. The only way you can get out of the settings window is to X out and your settings dont save. Is anyone else having this issue? I am pretty sure I remember...
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