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Latest submissions

Omni Wheels?

Omni Wheels?

How would you use Omni Wheels on a Bot? the 2 in one wheels that can even move sideways... Thanx!
Connect L298n Motor Driver Hbridge To Ez-B Robot Controller V4 Update

Connect L298n Motor Driver Hbridge To Ez-B Robot Controller V4 Update

Is there an updated version of using this H-Bridge with the EZB v4? Im assuming...
New Ez Builder Install, Crashes Upon Adding Camera Or File That Already Had A Ca

New Ez Builder Install, Crashes Upon Adding Camera Or File That Already Had A Ca

New EZ Builder install, Crashes upon adding camera or file...

Switching Polarity To A Dc Motor

Hello everyone; Im assume it is possible, I need to have the EZ-b control a dc motor to the left and to the right, by switching polarity, between neg and pos,,,is that easy to do?

Just Received Ezb V4 Controller With Camera.No Power Supply Included? From Re Se EZ-B V4 WiFi Robot Controller with Camera Product Code : RB-Ezr-16 by EZ-Robot I was thrilled to receive this in one day, free shipping from Robot Shop.. But didnt received Power Supply? No where does it state the power supply is separate and the...

New Ezb V4 Controller Connects And Disconnects On ARC Windows, Mobile. Cam

Hello; I have owned a EZB v3 for 4years and it worked fine. I just received a brand new EZBv4 controller and camera yesterday. I bought fresh rechargeable batteries and powered it up. Did the startup speech, networked it with my windows computer, tried my android phone and my win10 tablet. It connects DING! and then disconnects in a second. Funny...

Boom Cube For Robot Audio!

Hello Everyone; Ive been swamped and havent had any time for Robot fun:( But I came across a display of this product that is a 1 cube Speaker for your MP3 player that also has a rechargeable lithium Battery that charges itself from a USB port:) This would be great for adding a voice to even a tiny Robot!:) and at Walmart, it was under $11.00!...

Moving Away From An Object....

Hey Everyone! I know we can have the Robot Avoid Objects,using sonar,,,,,, but can we write a Script that tells the Robot to stand Still then react to something moving towards IT?, Like to move away? Say Like a Pet or Person gets too close to the Robot and it backs away....?


Anyone Hacking a MS Kinect Sensor for a Kick Arse Robot Sensor?
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