Diy Ezb Powered Sla And Lipo Battery Safe Charger Station By Josh Starnes


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Hello guys , as some of you know I've spent the last several days searching for a new place to live and finally found one on the 19th , large upstairs and downstairs. I'm setting you up for the scenario where I will most likely want to charge batteries in doors ( or maybe right outside on the patio) and be able to monitor when they are fully charged , if there is a fault or short the charging can be stopped and temperature monitored to stop charging if the temps get too high. This way I would be confident in charging batteries even when I'm not home and in case a cell explodes or catches on fire it will be contained. I plan to use a GE microwave as the case for this as they have two or three layers of steel which can easily be insulated with fire resistant Matt found at your local Lowes or home depot. Beyond the benefits of safety once I gut out the electronics section that holds the magneto and such I will have plenty of room for the voltage sensing circuits , the ezb, voltage displays and other goodies. I'm sure everyone can find a descent microwave that's lived its life that looks good and can help some of your hobby equipment blend into your home. Also if a fire ever did happen fire fighters check the stove and microwave first;) just another innovative way to use ezb in your hobby whether you charge batteries for robots , airplanes, rc cars , rc boats etc.. - Josh S
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Using a microwave as enclosure is a great idea! How about a temperature sensor with sprinklers inside it?
United Kingdom
Sprinklers with electronics?
Well, maybe a CO2 fire extinguisher would be better :D
Yes lol co2 would be the way to go and very easy too since you could use a paintball co2 cylinder and a couple 12v solenoid valves to trigger it ;). I was thinking of using a temp sensor and a carbon monoxide sensor to detect if the batteries are starting to vent gases that could indicate they are charging too fast. Ezb could monitor those and adjust the rate of charge and discontinue charging after a preset amount of time too;) smart charging.
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The inside appears to have room for several batteries. Looks like I could put colored lights maybe blue/ white combo lights and some digital voltage read outs on the front where the normal keypad was.
Anyways I think this is a good option to sorta hide all those wires involved with charging batteries and keep them out of sight.
looks like a good idea,but i made so many chargers all types and never had a problem if you charge them correctly.

Most designs should always have a temperature monitor so it doesnt blow up or anything else .

but post more photos of it.

Also i use to repair microwaves while back.
I will start taking pics in a day or two as I gut this guy out to start installing charging equipment.
Josh, where are you moving to? are you still going to be in TN?
Yes I'm only moving 15 miles. But the place is much larger and additional rooms and more closets for storing robot parts;)
:D nice junk rooms for robot parts, i have one room for robot parts for future use build bigger better lol :D
I have 2 rooms for robots and small shed for my machine shop ,but a much bigger shed for more robots
and a computer room for designing circuits and 2 full closets of parts and still running out of room.

79 robots take up a lot of space,
I am called a ROBOHOLIC