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Hi There,Its Been Awhile S

Hi There, its been awhile since i picked up my EZB V4 and wow you guys have grow, congratulations in leading the way in S.T.E.M. since i am a tad rusty, can someone please advise as to why i cannot connect to my home WIFI on my laptop and the the EZB board at the same time - my laptop is only allowing one internet connection at a time? this is...

Searching For Glyphs

Hi guys and galls, I am writing a script for K9, that depending on which glyph he sees first determines what he does next. now I am taking this step by step to increase my learning of ez script, so the plan is as follows. When asked to patrol, he wanders off and looks for glyph 3, then moves on looking for glyph 4, then glyph 2, then back home to...

Servos Moving Forward

Hi Guys and and Girls, i have got K9 responding to voice commands, including some responses from him verbally. so things are going great apart from... when i ask him to move forward his servos respond, but only for a second (or less) and then stops, yet if i ask him to reverse his servos keep going until i ask him to stop. originally i thought it...

Returning A Robot To A Home Point For Charging

hello all, once again, my brain is giving me ideas that is outside its current capability (LOL) I am starting research for my next project (code-name T.A.D = Totally, Awesome, Droid). one of (the many) functions i want him to have, is the ability to return autonomously to a designated point in the house for charging when his batteries get below a...

Switch Activated L.E.D

Hi all, I have been thinking about a way to add a led to the Attck script on K9. Now I believe I have an answer, but just wanted to sound it out. I k9s head, the laser was on a slide style mechanism that had a switch on each end that turned the polarity of the attached motor, that returned the slide back to the start position. My thinking was if I...

K9 Toy

Hi all, If you read a previous post of mine it was referance sound bites for a k9 toy, that I wanted to hack. When purchased from a car boot I found that the unscrupulous seller had removed anything of worth and cut all the wiring. Never mind. So on to the build, with a couple of continually rotating servos and a trim here and there things are...

Speech When Moving

hello again all EZ beeers, i have been having loads of fun but once again hit a wall, probably not a big wall for those of you out there with scripty skills, but for the programally challanged its a wall nontheless, so please be gentle. what i want to do is have K9 speak when i ask him to do something K9 move forward = Forward and play track_0 i...
K-9 Soundbites

K-9 Soundbites

Hello all, i am sad and happy in equal measures. Traxx has been retired, due to too much torque being applied to the servos attached to the tank tracks (maybe only temporarily, but retired...

Two Distance Sensors (Script)

Hi there, sorry if this is a duplicated post, my tablet appears not to have posted my original. i am loving my dev kit and learning stacks, but i apart from some Arduino i have not ventured into programming. what i am looking at is as follows, i currently have an ultrasonic sensor on a servo scanning as Traxx moves forwards, however i have noticed...

Possibly A Daft Question

As many of you will (painfully) know I am learning loads and asking lots of questions, I would apologise, but if you dont ask you may never really know. So here goes another question. Whilst looking into servo speeds in the ez script help i noticed something wierd and was wondering if I am missing something. ServoSpeed (servoPort, speed) Set the...

Hunting For Glyphs

Me again - still learning and lovin EZ-B I want to show off traxx in its basic form, by making him hunt for a glyph. I have set the camera to recognise glyphs and sorted out a custom glyph, but how/what do I need to do/say for traxx to seach the house to locate it? Its probably something easy and I am making it difficult (as always)

Wifi Connection

hi there, my EZ B is not showing up on my systems WIFI serch, why is that?

Camera Disconnecting

Helllllpppp please, I am feeling totally useless. I have hooked up my camera to my ez b and set the servos (2 x sg90s) to ports D02 x axis and D03 y axis. To follow a colour. I have the min and max on both servos to within 30 degrees of their start and end positions. This allows me to see what the camera sees on the screen, yet when I want to start...

Wall Wart Power

Hi there all, My ez b is here. Yeah Whilst testing I was just wondering if I could use a wall wart to power the ez b to save my batteries? The one that I have in mind is Input 100 -240V 50/60Hz0 15A Output 7V 42A Before I go and blow up my beloved ez b I thought I would check with my peers on the forum Thanks guys and girls


Hi all roboters, i have just purchased a Homer version of the Wowee Robosapien and was just wondering if anyone had connected this version to the EZ B. if so is it the same as the Robosapien? thanks in advance for any assistance you are able to offer. regards Martin
Bypassing A Mini Push Button Switch

Bypassing A Mini Push Button Switch

Hi there, I am looking at adding a cool lighting system to my new robot Trakx (creative I know), the lighting is similar to the under car systems neon...
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