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K-9 Soundbites

Hello all,

i am sad and happy in equal measures.

Traxx has been retired, due to too much torque being applied to the servo's attached to the tank tracks (maybe only temporarily, but retired nonetheless).

However, with what i have learnt so far i am looking at bringing a K-9 "shell" to life.

I say shell, as the previous owner was defiantly not a careful one and when i opened him up there was nothing on the inside apart from lots of space (no pun intended).

So lots of work to be done, but the reason for the post, was to ask if anyone had a link or files to share (legally of course) of any K-9 sound bites?


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on v4 from ez-robot.

www.facebook.com/The.Doctor.Who.Tardis link is broken... time shift... lol

look at this location and see if it leads you there...

very interesting


United Kingdom

Wow, thanks @jdebay

I have found the forum below which is a K-9 builders dream.


They have absolutely loads of sound bites, but you will need to register to gain access.

Thanks once again :D