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Hi all roboters,

i have just purchased a "Homer" version of the Wowee Robosapien and was just wondering if anyone had connected this version to the EZ B.

if so is it the same as the Robosapien?

thanks in advance for any assistance you are able to offer.



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A Homerspaien is just a dressed up Robosapien V1 as is a Spidersapien so yes it should work with the EZ-B.

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Thanks Rich,

so just follow the tutorial then... happy days:)



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@mgodsell1973 will you be using an EZ-B v3 or v4

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V4 when it arrives (Soon fingers crossed)


here's a link that discuss using Wow Wee with the V4, sadly they are no longer supported. you will need a V3


I was going to say, I thought I read on a thread somewhere in the forum that DJ said the V4's will not support the Robosapiens, but if you have a V3 they will run the Robosapiens.

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Good call, I assumed from the question about anyone having connected an EZ-B to a Homer he meant the V3 since not many have the V4 yet.

@mgodsell1973 if you want a V3 drop me an email (email address in my user details), I may be upgrading Melvin to a V4 so could have a V3 up for grabs.

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Sorry for the confusion @Rich, I may just drop you an email. Will wait for my v4 first as I am mid build on a tracked robot. Thanks for your help though :-)


Hi. I have a Homersapien with no remote. I read somewhere that a universal learning remote for the tv can be programmed to operate the Homersapien and other robosapiens. Is that right? If so, how would I do that? Thank you, Chris


@robotgonecrazy....This is ez robot.... we deal with the EZ Robot controller and software not usually TV remotes... I guess it is still possible someone here might know something about this.... Isn't there a Robosapian forum/site that could better answer your question?

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There are instructions and books out there which will help you control a Robosapien with a universal TV remote or USB-UIRT. Google will bring up the pages that should help.


Thank you. I have tried to get into a Robosapien forum but have, so far, found them inaccessible. I found found a possible answer through Google search though. Apparently I need the Homersapien remote to program the universal learning remote.
Thank you Rich, I will do some more Googling.
Sorry about posting here with this, I was getting frustrated. Thanks again, Chris

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I can add all robosapien IR codes to my USB-UIRT and let you know what they are (when I get a chance) if it would come in handy for you. They would be raw IR codes though such as

0000 006D 0022 0002 0157 00AC 0015 0016 0015 0016 0015 0041 0015 0016 0015 0016 0015 0016 0015 0016 0015 0016 0015 0041 0015 0041 0015 0016 0015 0041 0015 0041 0015 0041 0015 0041 0015 0041 0015 0016 0015 0016 0015 0041 0015 0016 0015 0016 0015 0016 0015 0041 0015 0041 0015 0041 0015 0041 0015 0016 0015 0041 0015 0041 0015 0041 0015 0016 0015 0016 0015 0689 0157 0056 0015 0E94

You would need something that can use this... a USB-UIRT and EventGhost would work.


There is also a program called Promixis that can possibly help you solve the IR codes needed to operate your Homersapien. It also requires a USB-UIRT device to receive/send IR data.