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Possibly A Daft Question

As many of you will (painfully) know I am learning loads and asking lots of questions, I would apologise, but if you don't ask you may never really know.
So here goes another question.

Whilst looking into servo speeds in the ez script help i noticed something wierd and was wondering if I am missing something.

ServoSpeed (servoPort, speed)
Set the speed of servo or PWM. This is the speed to move between positions.
The servo speed is a number between 0 (fastest) and 10 (slowest)
*Note: If the ServoSpeed command is being used in an initialization script, ensure the servo positions are set first. This is because with ServoSpeed, it moves from a position, to a position, at the specified speed. If there is no previous position (such as during power-on), the software assumes the position is 0.
Example: ServoSpeed(D14, 25)

It says that the servo speed is a number between 0 and 10, yet the example clearly gives a numeric value of 25 on port D14?

Am I miss reading this?

Confused *confused*


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is that not 25 degrees? servo goes from 0 to 180 degrees.
I think it is a typo. The servo speed control goes from 0 to 20, but I am not sure if that equates to the same values in the script command or not. Not something I have used, and my V3 bot has been mostly disassembled since so I can't quickly test for you.

If no one answers by this weekend, I'll put it back together and try it out.

Typo;) your "daft" question found a typo! Excellent work. Goes to show, there really are no daft questions