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United Kingdom
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K9 Toy

Hi all,

If you read a previous post of mine it was referance sound bites for a k9 toy, that I wanted to hack. When purchased from a car boot I found that the unscrupulous seller had removed anything of worth and cut all the wiring. Never mind.
So on to the build, with a couple of continually rotating servos and a trim here and there things are going well, apart from any form of traction when moving forward. I have ensured thst the majority of the weight is over the rear drive wheels and a little over the steering castor at the front, yet he only grips slightly on lino and does nothing on carpet. Now I am aware there is little clearance so carpet was never going to be great, but I expected more from lino.

Anyone else had similar issues and if so what was your solution.

On a positive note, I have actually written some script today and got k9 to respond and talk back:D


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What are the tires made of and how heavy is the bot? Can you add weight?
United Kingdom
Well the tyres are stock, hard plastic with a rubberised tread, there is some room to add weight at the front over the castor, so that may be the next test. Wish I could find a reference or a name of the manufacture to obtain a data sheet or an instruction booklet. I have seen it work under remote control on you tube and he is so smooth
United Kingdom
@mgodsell 1973.

How large are the rear drive wheels? I was just thinking, you could put some rubber bands around the wheels to see if it makes a difference as the rubber already on the wheels sound like they are too smooth, or try some rubber dimpled tyres say from an old R/C car for example.
I modified one of these
Tamyia track vehicle chassis kik to use modified servos rather than the included motor and gearbox (since the included motor had not turning ability) and I get much better purchase on carpet and even on smooth surfaces.

I don't know it it would fit, but the kit can make a bunch of different designs with shorter or longer tread, so if your bot isn't just too heavy to be moved by modified servos, it might be something you could use.

I'll try to find some time to post picture or video tonight or tomorrow night (it is currently in a box and I removed my V3 from it for some other testing, so I would need to put it back together to make a video, but I could do some pictures of just the modified servo and tread set up).

United Kingdom
Hi guys,

The wheels are stock, about 40mm diameter with a hard rubber tread. The K9 toy only has a 10mm ground clearance. I think that I have found the problem, being that I have a 1 degree "list" to the left. Which means I am 2mm outon traction, i will be adressing this first and then looking at adding extra traction. Failing that, bring on the tank treads :-)