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United Kingdom
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Resolved Resolved by Rich!

Camera Disconnecting

Helllllpppp please,

I am feeling totally useless.

I have hooked up my camera to my ez b and set the servos (2 x sg90's) to ports D02 x axis and D03 y axis. To follow a colour.
I have the min and max on both servos to within 30 degrees of their start and end positions. This allows me to "see" what the camera sees on the screen, yet when I want to start to track anything like colour/face or object, the servo jumps and the camera disconnects.

Sorry if this is just me being daft, I have tried looking for a solution within other posts on the forum, but unsuccessfully.

I thought it may be a brown out, but the voltage reading on the screen is showing me over 7V *confused*


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United Kingdom
What power supply are you using?

The voltage reading may show 7v however if you have a large inrush current from starting up the servos this may be pulling more current than the power supply can supply, therefore the current to the EZ-B will drop and cause a brownout.

I suffered similar on Melvin a while back. When the head moved (2xMG995s) the LCD display cut out because there was more than 5A (EZ-B V3 limit) being drawn by the servos.
United Kingdom
Hi there @Rich,

I am using 6 x AA batteries (fully charged), I will test the total voltage in tge morning. Got frustrated and turned off the laptop, I do have another set of batteries charging so I will compare and try again.

I did see that DJ was advising about a desk top power supply "for testing purposes", that will mean I will have to do some working out for my total power requirements.
If you have charged batteries, there shouldn't be an issue.

When the camera disconnects, what is the message that is displayed in the debug window? You can press the COPY button on the debug window to copy the contents and paste it here.

The Debug window contains Debug information that helps you understand what is going on. The Debug window information is useful for others to help you as well.:)
United Kingdom
Hi guys,

Thanks once again for your help. As it turns out all batteries are not created equal. I have changed them over to some 2450mAh rechargeable "copper coloured top" batteries (other brands are available) LOL and all is good.

Although whilst the x axis servo is plsying nice and tracking as it should, I don't think that the servo on the y axis likes my face as when I place my mug in front of it, it shoots to either extreme top/bottom like it is trying to avoid me........ I'm thinking its something I said.

Anyway thanks both for the assistance and for such a fantastic platform @DJsures I am learning so much and having a boat load of fun, definitely worth the wait. Keep up the good work. :D
Awesome to hear!

You may need to reverse the direction of the y servo if it's shooting the wrong way. There is an invert option for the servo.