Hexxy - My First walker


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HI all,

I am a newbie to the EZ robot family and just fining my feet, I have a revolution on order and it has just progressed to "processing order". Getting excited now.

As i can't contain myself i thought i would share some photos of my build so far and update you all periodically on my progress.

My Walker is a Hexapod with a total of 18 servos in charge of the walking 3 on each leg, Sorry for stating the obvious there. All parts are hand cut (how i would love a laser cutter at times).

User-inserted image

If i have done this correct then you should be able to see a photo of a Calf/Foot.

Only 5 more to do :):):)

thanks for taking the time to read this, i will keep you all updated and hopefully not bore you death.

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Welcome! I look forward to seeing your project progress.


Hey welcome! If you had/borrow a jig saw with a plastic cutting blade you could cut them out much faster! ..and a file to clean up the edges.

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Hi guys, thanks for the warm welcome. I use a Dremel mini saw attachment on a home made mini table saw bench, that doubles up as a router table for cutting. Had a productive evening this evening whilst "machining" the thighs for "Hexxy", only to discover that I had bent them the wrong way, so will have to start over. :-(

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Whilst my last bit of time working on Hexxy was not so great, the times before were more fruitful, I managed to cut out all of her "calves" and attached the the servos, cut out the base plate and cover. Then fitted the servos there also.

User-inserted image

User-inserted image

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Finally got the "thighs" of Hexxy sorted tonight after the embarrassing mistake of last week, but on a plus note I was able to machine them quicker as I knew what I was doing. Just got to wait for the adhesive to dry before I can connect all the pieces :-)

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Looking good;) Can't wait to see the next update.

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Woo hoo, Hexxy is built. All she needs is a brain and some sensors :-)

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