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Hi There,Its Been Awhile S

Hi There,

its been awhile since i picked up my EZB V4 and wow you guys have grow, congratulations in leading the way in S.T.E.M.

since i am a tad rusty, can someone please advise as to why i cannot connect to my home WIFI on my laptop and the the EZB board at the same time - my laptop is only allowing one internet connection at a time?

this is probably an easy fix, but i am pulling my hair out here:)

thanks in advance



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You need to put the EZ-B in Client mode so it connects to your router and is on the same network as your computer (or have two WiFi interface on your computer, and make sure the EZ-B and your router are on different subnets, more complex)   There are several tutorials  but at least on my mobile I am having some difficulty finding the most recent one to give you a link in the new web site format, but searching "connection" in the tutorials section should show you older ones by Rich and Cardboard Hacker that give the basics


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Thanks for the responses Guys.

Right the story so far.

I have done as Alan and the Tutorial suggests and am making headway, i have found the IP address and the board is confirming that it is connected to my router

Yet, when i enter the IP address into the "connect" bar the board gives me a tone, but i am not able to connect?

Also, if i do a search, the board makes a tone at the correct IP, yet it does not appear in the list on the right?

I feel close, but i am missing something?

thanks in advance

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Hi peeps, any more suggestions would be greatly appreciated? Regards Martin