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Panic over, I did the IT special and turned everything off and on again and pow all sorted blush


Also use the Learn to watch the videos on how to use the EZ-B v4. The videos are short and contain information on how to use the EZ-B v4:)


If you haven't already, try and get the ezb into client mode and give it a static IP address... This is a rock solid setup for the ebz connection wise....


wifi connection wow its the way to go, experimented with both modes as explained in video very easy to setup Next step web access I have setup http server,also port forwarding in router Is it possible to use EZB software to gain access from web ?

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Thanks once again, just went inyo panic mode and got to excited. Will try to hsve more patience and not trouble the forum with simple "fixes" blush


Hi All need help every time I ask for a servo movement the EZY B disconnects! I have tried new batteries rechargeable and dry still the same thing. does the unit have to run off rechargeables or can I power it up with dry cells? any thing I need to check?


@seymo.... You need a power source that can provide lots on juice (amps)... niMh or Lipos are best.... Also, crappy routers are another source of connection problems as well....

  1. Have you tried using another servo?
  2. Do you have another PC to try this on?

Does the ezb disconnect at other times?


Thanks Richard

What Lipo voltage can I run into the Ezb?

We are only using the servos supplied with the developers kit.

no this is the only PC, the laptop is a MAC.

Thanks for your help!:)

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i had a similar problem and found that Duracell rechargeable 2450mAh batteries sorted the issue - all batteries are not created equal