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United Kingdom
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Resolved Resolved by Dunning-Kruger!

Wall Wart Power

Hi there all,

My ez b is here. Yeah

Whilst testing I was just wondering if I could use a wall wart to power the ez b to save my batteries?

The one that I have in mind is

Input 100 -240V
50/60Hz0 15A
Output 7V 42A

Before I go and blow up my beloved ez b I thought I would check with my peers on the forum

Thanks guys and girls


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42amp output? Yikes!... It must be the size of a toaster!.... Maybe you mean 4.2amp? What was it's intended use?... If it is indeed a 7Vdc output it will be fine... the high Amps are irrelevant as the device draws what it needs... It's the other way round that would pose a problem (not enough amps)...

It's not a battery charger, right? Because that won't work...
United Kingdom
Thanks @Richard R its definitely 42A I got it from a car boot sale so not sure what its original purpose was.
@DJ Sures thanks for the link, but it didn't work?
United Kingdom
Oh dear I posted before marking as resolved :-)
United Kingdom
A 15A 230v load shouldn't be connected to a 13A outlet. Under full load conditions it'll be pulling over 3Kw and over the 13A limit for a socket outlet. I've seen sockets melt because of high loads (granted they were in a commercial kitchen), did it come with a 3 pin 13A plug top?
@Rich.... Jeez dude you catch everything. Seriously good point....In North America house wiring is generally rated at 15amp max....
United Kingdom
I work for an electricians so its part of one of my many jobs to catch these things. I just spent 3 months doing just that.
United Kingdom
Hi all,

this is a sealed plug and adapter (like you would find to charge a mobile phone), you have got me worried about using it now.

i will post a pick when i get home, to settle it :-)

thanks for the interest and discussion.
United Kingdom
You could always make up a small extension lead using 2.5mm 3 core flex and in effect change the moulded plug to a standard plugtop with a 13A fuse in it, that way the plug top fuse should blow before you get any problems.

It's likely to only pull a full load if your EZ-B and accessories are demanding a combined 42A anyway. When pulling less it should have less of a demand on the AC side.

The house wiring should be 2.5mm ring main backed up by a 32A MCB or RCD so the cable can take the 15A load and depending on the make of socket that may take 15A, MK rate theirs at 13A maximum (however I am sure they can be pushed as anything can, MK just wouldn't accept liability or blame)