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Hunting For Glyphs

Me again - still learning and lovin EZ-B

I want to show off traxx in its basic form, by making him hunt for a glyph.

I have set the camera to recognise glyphs and sorted out a custom glyph, but how/what do I need to do/say for traxx to seach the house to locate it?

Its probably something easy and I am making it difficult (as always)


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It is easier for camera to first detect color from distance.

Just like in real world when you walk in a building searching for a specific room or department.

First you will walk to a color post and when you are near enough you will read the info giving you the direction to go. (Camera Color detection here is able to detect a small red playing card size)

On that post you could find many direction going to diferent destination. (QR code will tell your robot wich way to go.)

EX: QR code 12 where the first digit starting from left represent the office, next digit represent the beedroom.

What direction to take ( 1 for go straight, 2 go to your right, 3 to your left, 4 go backward 5 at door step)

So in the house at different startegic location i will place a red card with a small QR code on it so the robot will from distance detect the color, then will approach and read the QR code ex: QR code 23 wich mean office on your right and beedroom on your left.

Once the robot read QR code telling it is at the room door step it was looking for, it get into the room and look for a specific glyph to confirm where he is. That glyph will also serve whenever the robot wants to know where it is.

You will find under my user in the cloud an application named: Navigation with color and QR Code and Glyph ver 2.1

Please experiment and give it a try and tell me if it is running ok . I am still waiting for my ROLI .I gess it is still searching the right QR code leading to my house.

P.s. My QR code printed size i am using is about 1X1 inch and camera can read it at a distance of +/- 3 feet.

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Thanks @Aerius, that's definatly a great starting point. I am also looking at adding a voice control to start Trakx off with, I will keep you updated :-)


Have traxx start with ping navigation. Then turn on glyph tracking. He'll drive around and search for glyphs. When he finds one have traxx do what ever you want.


Hey guys , you might want to take a look at one of my previous threads about using QR codes to indicate position in a room by putting them on the ceiling and directing a invisible IR beam at them for illumination even in the dark:)

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Does that mean the V4 camera can see ir light? As that would be awesome :-)


Most all digital cameras can see IR emitted signals.


Maybe, but won't you have to have some way of producing the IR light?


DJ said the camera doesn't have an IR filter, so should see IR quite clearly. IR LEDs are available anywhere LEDs are sold and can easily "illuminate" a room for camera with no IR filter (probably several feet for a camera with a filter).



And in the land of the iRobot robots, all cliff sensors, remote controls, bumper sensors and light touch sensors have IR emitter diodes that can be seen using digital cameras.