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Resolved Resolved by JustinRatliff!

Speech When Moving

hello again all EZ beeers,

i have been having loads of fun but once again hit a wall, probably not a big wall for those of you out there with scripty skills, but for the programally challanged its a wall nontheless, so please be gentle.

what i want to do is have K9 speak when i ask him to do something

K9 move forward = Forward and play "track_0"

i have tried the following script

[code]ControlCommand(forward, track_0)[code]

with no luck.

what have i done wrong?



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You need to do it in two line of code. So you need your speech command to call a script. Then in your script have the commands for moving forwards and playing the track separately.

Your speech command would be like this (you'll want a script manager - I highly recommend it) with a script in named "fwd_speech" or what ever you like.


ControlCommand("Script Manager", ScriptStart, "fwd_speech")

Then your "fwd_speech" script would include:


ControlCommand("SoundBoard", Track_0)
You're on the right track using ControlCommand(), however you need to read the manual for proper syntax. If you do not know the syntax, use the Cheat Sheet tab and you can select the code that is already created for you.

Here is the link that explains how to use the Cheat Sheet functionality: Help
In a speech control script do this... You can have as many lines in a script as you want


ControlCommand("PC Sounds", Track_0) #Play whatever song or sound
forward() # K9 to move forward

United Kingdom
Thanks Justin, makes sense and all is calm again......
United Kingdom
Thanks guys, the nudge from Justin was all that was needed. however does it make any difference if i used



You can use what ever works for you:)
If you are asking about the name of the sound board, you can name it anything you like. Just make sure you use the name in the script as well.