Published on April 9 2014

Robotic Claw Inspired By Doombot.

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In an earlier thread Doombot had mentioned he may put a ping sensor on his robotic claw to sense and pick up objects automatically... Well, I had a moment of inspiration so I thought I would try and knock up something... So check it out... a simple prototype of my version of object detecting robotic claw...

May 9 2014
I really like the claw Evan without the sensor where did you buy it from
May 9 2014
@Richard R Love your build because it reminds me of my Meccano kit days! (back in the previous century) Take your time on the head that's were everyone focus will be and a large source of personality! :)
May 10 2014
@Mohamed.. if you're talking about my claw (as opposed to Tony's who skilfully made his) it's from my Vex kits..
@Glen.... me too, that's why I like Vex so much... loved mechano as a kid.... Vex has great integration with motors and servos which makes it perfect for use with the EZB
May 10 2014
Do you have a link to the kit
May 10 2014