Ez-robot Bb-8 Hexapod Body




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I love it ! Supperb job!
or we can put a little servo in the head for turning, perhaps a camera too?
I had thought about those options. There is room inside the head for a camera., you could retro fit it for that. You could retro fit the head plate to hold a servo to spin the head.

I might tinker with it more and create more versions later on if no one else does.
Does the software that you use have a "Shell" option? I'm printing it but the walls are super thick. They only need to be 2-3mm thick
I did leave it pretty thick. I'll see if I can thin it out.
I'm not sure what software you use. However, in Solidworks there is a "shell" feature. You enter the thickness of the shell and it will hollow an object. Usually i leave an object shell thickness about 2mm.

I'm printing the bb8 body now and it's using a great deal of filament which is also taking super amount of time. If you could check for a Shell option in the software, it would make it even more awesome
Here's some suggestions if you'd like to make. I was hoping go bring a few of the community prints down to a presentation next month. This she'll unfortunately doesn't fit because there is no room for the wires.

Take a look at the dome for six,it's raised in spots for the wires to go through. Also, because the hole in the dome is a cylinder, there isnt enough room for the wires to run along the side. If you shell the dome, it will fix the wires along the side but the raised part will still be necessary.

Also the hole isn't big enough to fit the camera plug.

Here's some photos...

User-inserted image

User-inserted image

User-inserted image
Thanks DJ, I'm going to take all of your suggestions! I appreciate your feedback and advice.
This one is about as thin as I can make it. bb-8hexbody5.14.16.stl

My software does have a shell option, but it does not like the BB-8 sphere, I don't think it understands where the outside face is because of the ornate design.

If you would not mind letting me know what you think of this one and what if anything would you change about the head? I'd like to build a camera mount in the head, but adding it in the design while keeping the ornate design has been a challenge.

I appreciate your feedback and help to improve this DJ!
Nice! That looks very filament friendly:)

I'm printing it now...

For esthetics, I think the camera cable hole would look better if it was a rectangle rather than an oval.

I'm thinking of a way to suggest making the "hat" hold the camera and move around
Man you're quick. Awesome!
It's still good... just wind it back on the spool and print again...:D
Wow I made a 3d print like that with my first 3d printer.
Somehow it wouldn't rewind back onto the spool.