Inmoov Project

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This is my InMoov Project which is a downloadable open source 3d printing project that I am working on. Robot is life sized. I am using EZ- Robot and EZ Face.

I will possibly be using a Kinect for advanced recognition and hopefully EZ will support this or some one else will come up with a plug in also. If not I will probably use and attach.
September 28 2014
Hi jackphillips1953,

question. Do you still have to modify the servos for the Bi-ceps and shoulder when using the EZ-Board?

September 29 2014
Yes.. I did but not the way Gael does it. Someone posted on YouTube a way the just unsolder the motor remove the pot. I ruined 2 servos at $50 a piece the other way. Since I have done 5 with removing solder no issues. Also you must trim stop on the large gear so it spins 360 degrees. I am thing of changing eventually to air piston on the shoulder and bicep later for speed and strength.
October 5 2014
Hi jackphillips1953,
Are you still using the Pots after removing them from the servo? my servo are moving slow and when I move the pot turning it, it sometimes goes faster. What am I doing wrong?

October 5 2014
Here is a picture. also would it be posible to talk on a phone with you?

thank you
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October 6 2014
Hi Merne,

Love the head assembly! Good job. BTW - I met Gael in NYC at Make Faire with his InMoov.

I haven't used the POTS but did remove them. I will be working more on the project now that the weather is getting colder and I am inside more.

I am thinking on some of these servos, removing and replacing with air actuators, especially bicep and arm. Gael's InMoov is about the same speed as mine and both are slow. It has to do the gearing and the servos themselves... it is what it is unless we do something different. Gael did change the worm gear in the shoulder and is going to do the same I believe in the bicep to make to larger and stronger but no improvement in speed. You need to be careful though.. I am using PLA and though strong cannot take too much strain.

What do you intend to do, if anything, about movement ie. legs or wheel movement?

Where are you located? Contact me on my Gmail account at jackphillips1953@gmail and I will send telephone number so we can talk.
Published on Saturday, March 15, 2014