Ravage the VHS tape Robot



Here is my VHS tape robot named "Ravage" by @JustinRatliff

It's named after the G1 Transformers Decepticon cougar robot that transformed from a tape cassette. I have a personal connection to this robot since it was one of my first Transformers toys, and I am a big G1 Transformers fan.

The chassis is a re-purposed "Sgt. Bilko" VHS tape chosen by @Nomad

The rest of the materials are:

1 x EZ-B IoTiny Robot controller + Speaker 2 x 360 servos 1 x 7.4V LiPo Battery 1 x Wiring Harness with ON/OFF Switch 2 x Round servo horns 8 x mounting screws 2 x servo screws 2 x Wheels re-purposed from the cassette reels 1 x Caster Wheel re-purposed from the cassette reels  3 x Hot glue sticks

Ravage was made on my 6th Friday night hack session:)

I made a fold-down stand for Ravage so it could drive around in a stand-up mode, similar to R2D2.

If you'd like to subject yourself to watching the building process from beginning to end, check out Botmatrix Live Hack Session 6:

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There was a ton of font code showing up for some reason, cleaned it all up for your viewing pleasure!

Funny enough, I thought I was pretty original with this build but the other day I found out that a project like this was published in servo magazine in February 2010. Oh well, I still like the idea though:D


What happened to the candy machine?


Still hacking it, part 4 this Friday! I just updated this page because it needed it:D