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I am slowly designing and printing an 8 servo quadruped. I will integrate parts like the sensor and the camera after I build the base and get the walking figured out.

So far, here is the base design and the printed part:

March 13, 2013

User-inserted image

User-inserted image

March 14, 2013 - Testing the fit for the base.

User-inserted image

I'll add as it grows.

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March 18th Update.

Slow progress due to work, but I modeled the top part of the leg and have it attached to the base. Here are some pictures and a really boring video.

User-inserted image

User-inserted image

User-inserted image

User-inserted image

Excellent! I am excited to see this project:)

I'm 3D printer are you using? Our new website will allow you to share and download EZ-Robot 3D printed items. It's going to be awesome! We're a few weeks away from launching that section. Ooops, did I say that outloud?!
I used your favorite printer...the Replicator 2 :D

I'll have a good collection of STLs to share.
Sorry to hear that:)
How does it work for you? Do you print at medium or high res? Ours is out of commission again... The heater stopped working now:D
I had the whole thing replaced in January after struggling Nov - Dec with extruder issues. Now it works like a champ and after I made several modifications I love it. I can print .1mm but reserve that for final pieces or figures. I mostly print test pieces at .2mm.

I've made the plunger modification, use a glass plate instead of the plexiglass, oil the filament with canola oil and use 91% alcohol to prep the bed before each print (prevents curling).

The only bad prints I get now are design errors on my part. *eek*
They replaced the whole thing? I'm surprised they did it so quick for you. It has taken 4 months and they finally (as of today) told us they will replace it. They are replacing it with a RMA'd unit. This means it will be a unit that was once broken and now fixed. I'm not happy about it, but they're also offering a return.... for a price:P

Where did you get the glass plate? I'm interested in getting one for ours.

Does the Canola oil require a lot of maintenance for cleaning the extruder?
I was a pest about the problems, calling them everyday and emailing the president, Bre, when things were too slow. I filled out every customer survey I could about MakerBot complaining about the issues.

I had the glass plate cut locally and then I bought another two from the MakerBot Operators group on Google groups during a group buy. Now I can print, remove the plate, re-level and start printing immediately while I remove the printed item.

Canola oil requires wiping down the inside of the makerbot occasionally, you will see the oil splatter and know it is time. The extruder actually benefits from the oil build up. Though I still clean it every 50 hours of use with a very narrow pin. The oil evens out the flaws in the extruder and makes the flow of PLA smoother.
That's what we're doing:) we have been trying hard to get attention from their support. It's too bad they haven't taken our issues with respect. Specifically since they are unaware of what we have up our sleeve for our future open hardware product:D

Do you print hi-res with raft?

I notice that with Medium resolution, I can remove the object from raft. However, with hi-res I cant remove the object from raft. It seems hi-res merges the object and raft together.
I don't use a raft for medium or hi-res. I wet the print bed down with 91% isopropyl alcohol right before printing starts. I usually wet a lint free pad, clean the bed, then apply alcohol liberally right as the temperature gets close to the print temp. The fan just starts to dry the bed on the first layer print. You don't need pools of free standing alcohol, but a wet wipe.

I've printer large flat items, like the custom blinds below, without curling both high and medium res. The blinds below are a few feet across cut into sections for printing.

Raft removal usually required fine scissors for me so I found a way not to use them. I still use supports for some items that require them and I break out the scissors for those.

User-inserted image
Great feedback, thanks!

Looking forward to seeing your robot. That's going to be cool. I can hardly wait to show you what we have planned for our 3D printer support! So exciting:D
Love it man , I'm watching you have my attention. I am looking for 3d software to start 3d printing. Right now I guess I will have shapeways.com do my prints till I find a buddy who can hook me up for cheap;) ideas of software to use and where to get it? - Josh S
March 22, 2013

Time for an update. The lower leg design is done, printed and attached to the robot. It's a bit wobbly at the moment while I teach it how to walk, but the basic design is completed. I'll add the vision and other components as the project progresses.

Here are the pics:

User-inserted image

User-inserted image

User-inserted image

User-inserted image

And some basic movement sequences:

Wow, that's awesome!
New Zealand
How have you been progressing @ElvisExMachina ?