Windows Release 2016.01.22.02

Download and install the latest ARC robot programming software to experience these updates.


- faster control sorting

- Auto Position no Movement Panel exposes the auto positioner for the open plugin framework

- Add Control windows contains a plugin category to group all plugins so they don't need to be "hunted around" for in categories

- plugin can store custom objects in project file

- RoboScratch integration

* Fix for 01 update - the RoboScratch save/load is supported with a project
Last 2 versions getting power surges on servos on powering up V4s. Screwing up positions.
If your talking about the servos (like the MG995 or EZ robot HD servos) jumping when power is applied then they have always done it.... Mine have anyway... Every time I turn on my inMoov, the fingers on one hand straighten while the fingers on the other closes.... Once I connect to ARC all is normal, my inMoov moves his servos to where I programmed then to be....
Jack, all analog servos will jerk when power is applied. This is expected and known behavior. Enjoy your robot!
United Kingdom
Same here Jack. Some of my micro servos don't seem to pulse, but a few do and most, if not all of my HD servos pulse/move slightly when power is initially applied. As mentioned above, this is standard behaviour so nothing to worry about. As long as you have a robot pose created that runs when the EZ-B connects to a computer in a connection script as Richard mentioned above, this will realign the servos in to their start position.
@Steve... FYI... digital servos (like ez robot's mini servos) don't seem to jump when power is applied... also this doesn't seem to affect Hitec servos either...
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That's cool. I actually had no idea the micros were digital, but I kinda suspected. I learn something new every day, lol.;)

Good to have that confirmed. I had heard that but wasn't sure. Another reason I'll be going with digital servos when I build my ultimate robot. The one that's going to take years to complete, mainly because of the expense. Not the least of which will be the servos. Still will be EZB-4 (5, 6, whatever by then) controlled, of course. ;) That is, If I ever stop my endless tinkering with this Meccanoid I have now.
All EZ-Robot servos in April will be a new digital version. They include safety shut off and do not emit any noise when holding position. Jeremie and James have just completed their final testing this week. Significantly different compared to the analog versions. Also, they are better aligned from factory and generally do not require servo profiles.
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That is great news about the new servos. I look forward to when they become available. No more noisy servos... Hurray. :)